I have never dated in my life

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    I have never dated in my life……I think most of you had all figured that out by now with how obsessed I am with me talking about Power Rangers constantly, talking about aliens and other nerd stuff like that.

    I am 31 years old with Aspergers Syndrome and have possible ADHD and I have never dated in my life….how much more socially awkward can I get???

    Oh I have only scratched the surface of my social awkwardness everyone lol 😂😀

    Anyways with how crazy the world is these days, I thought I would just say how it pisses me off how SJW nonsense along with everyone having to be locked up because of the Beerbug has made dating non existent for me.

    Makes me wish I tried dating when I was in a teenager in Highschool but unfortunately me having Aspergers and being mentally 5 years younger than all my peers in my Highschool……I didn’t have the mental maturity at the time to ask out any girl in my Highschool on a date.

    Now at 31 years old when I have the mental maturity of a 26 year old that hates wokeness…..dating ain’t gonna happen.

    Anyone else hate the current world of dating?

    Cause I hate the current world of dating and the girl I want to ask out most on a date right now happens to be an actress who played the Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Thunder in early 2000s but she is too famous along with woke to be interested in me.

    Can I get anymore socially awkward? Lol 😂

    But seriously I don’t know what to do about my dating situation, it is not like some randomly attractive 26 year old young lady who bares a very very close resemblance to Emma Lahana from Power Rangers Dino Thunder in the early 2000s is gonna randomly move into my neighbourhood with her parents then start talking to me and we instantly like one another then fall in love and I find out she is a big Power Rangers fan like me and she happens to have her own pink and yellow power ranger suits she wears for……cosplay?

    Now if that happened then…….God might have written the best episode in my life ever and finally casted a pretty girl to play my girlfriend who hopefully becomes my wife and gives birth to my son; Tommy.

    And we all end up watching Power Rangers as a family.

    This is a picture of the girl I’d love to date or date someone who looks alot like her at least. Just some wishful thinking from a random socially awkward guy with Aspergers Syndrome with possible ADHD that loves Power Rangers that hopes to have a lovely wife one day and that same lovely wife gives birth to his son.




    Hate the current world of dating? If I told you the truth, I’d probably hurt your feelings. Let’s just say feminism and social media has ruined the world. Honestly, it’s cheaper to buy a hooker than get a girlfriend or godforbid, get married.


    @Captain Cronos

    What about a sex robot I could build to look, sound and even smell like any woman I desire?


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>There are based and beautiful women out there. And I’ll tell you exactly where: rural areas. Seriously, leave the cities to the “idk what gender i am!” weirdos. You can find nerdy conservatives too, believe me.</p>


    What about a sex robot I could build to look, sound and even smell like any woman I desire?

    Take TowLiquor’s advice first. I’ve only ever been in suburban areas and cities so my experience is from there. Can’t blame anybody for making a sex robot though, if that’s even possible now.


    Get an escort and have fun without strings attached.  just make sure the money is worth it lol
    Be free and have fun, that’s my advice. Dating is overrated (nowadays) and it’s too much trouble.


    Have you ever asked? Have your ever pursued? A lot of men say these things, but if you look at life, there were girls who liked you that you probably passed on. Those are the ones a man should date. Girls that like you. Life is short. If you want to experience things, you have to be the one to at least ask.


    A lot of men say these things, but if you look at life, there were girls who liked you that you probably passed on. Those are the ones a man should date. Girls that like you. Life is short. If you want to experience things, you have to be the one to at least ask.

    I’ve done all this and I’ve seen the dating market become reduced to the trash heap it is now all thanks to feminism and retarded social media crap like #metoo. This isn’t pre-2012 anymore when things were more normal. Women are much more likely to cheat than men and it’s highly likely that they have a back-up man once a breakup happens. Forget love and loyalty; if you want that, buy a dog because the only good thing you’re gonna get from a female nowadays is sex unless you find a unicorn out there that goes to church, dresses feminine, and is a virgin.

    And no, I’m not afraid to ask someone out. I’m just sick of dealing with narcissist hoes and morons who have nothing to offer yet demand a guy who’s absolutely perfect.


    Women are not hard to figure out. They want someone who is Confident, Honest, Fun and Loyal. Sex is great but only goes so far, I dated a girl at one time who thought it was a tool to get her way. I flat out told her in front of her friends. I got 2 hands and not afraid to use them, They dont cost me money or bullshit, turned around walked away.  Love will come in time, but it only comes with confidence as well.

    Really if you are not confident in yourself, you got more problems than dating and in no way are ready for someone else in your life. Until you get off your ass and become Confident you will NEVER find a decent partner. No Shit, not one person I know likes a wishy washy coward. If you seriously want a partner you are not looking for one to fight with, that is just fucking nuts, I have seen people do it. My wife and I have NEVER had a fight or argument, if you get in on with a person walk away. You can disagree on things and that is healthy, but to fight and argue, that is stupid.

    A relationship has to have 2 things to build on. Confidence and Respect.

    How to have Confidence is simple, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL, failure is success, through finding the way that works, by finding the ways that doesn’t! Respect is earned and given by seeing people who have failed a lot but never gave up. And the wonderful thing about a relationship is sometimes in life you cannot do something by yourself, but with someone else you can.


    2882473-8979705387-Preac @Mustangride1 well put my friend.


    They want someone who is Confident, Honest, Fun and Loyal.

    My wife…

    This isn’t pre-2012 anymore and seeing as you are married, of course you fail to see how oblivious it has become in the dating market. You probably aren’t replying to me and just trying to help Megazord but your advice is outdated by 10 years. Yeah, confidence is needed but respect and loyalty is gonna get your feelings hurt in the long run. I’ve been there and I know people and heard of others who’ve either gotten betrayed by their girlfriends or just flat out got their lives ruined by their wife. You got to be better than 90% of the men out there (i.e. be a chad) and not expect anything long-term if you want to be successful with women. Period.

    But who knows, maybe you live in those rural areas or some location untouched by polluted culture. In that case, maybe you care to share that with the rest of us?



    Not at all outdated, Just because I am married does not mean I’m dead. I still go out with friends who are single and dating. Talk to many people who are and the same holds true that I said above. Location of the World does not matter. When I say World I mean it, my oldest is Stationed Overseas and he and I were talking about this a few weeks ago with his dating. He flat out told me what I told him years ago was still how he judges PEOPLE and especially women he might like to date.

    It is a simple question of “Basic morals and ethics and character” I could say the same thing about Good Mechanics, Doctors, Lawyers, Police officers, Plumbers etc etc or Bad ones. You have good Men and Bad Men, Good Women and Bad Women. My first wife destroyed my life, so I get it. But guess what, I have seen men destroy women’s lives as well. Or I should say seriously put a dent in your lively-hood for a while. But if you don’t let them keep you down AND MORE IMPORTANTLY think everyone will screw you. Well, then you can pick-up and move on.

    Man, had I let some of my past relationships keep me down I wouldn’t have met my wife, and that my friend would have been a massive failure on my part. Letting the actions of others turn my heart cold FUCK THAT. No one is going to cause me to be kept down. And no ones actions are going to cause me to judge EVERYONE based on fear of what could happen. I also have a brain and experience to pull from so I do watch for trouble,  and walk if i see it.

    As for locations. Well my Oldest is overseas clearly, my youngest is in New Orleans and just got married a couple years ago, I have friends and family from Arkansas to California and Florida not having a problem dating some of them now engaged. They go out to Bars, Churches, Online heck even a 1 Girlfriend of mine who met a guy Roller Skating in Los Angeles.

    You gotta kiss a lot of Frogs sometimes to find a Prince, or at least go through the “Fire Swamp and navigate the hazards of it” with someone to find out if they are what you are looking for.


    @Captain Cronos @Mustangride1

    I think you both are right and you guys are both wrong and I think that things are more in the middle. Yes I agree I need to be more confidence in myself as a man as people in this era both men and women still respect that whether our current society sees it or not….why else do you guys think people like Jeremy Griggs of Geeks and Gamers is so well loved by so many people like us following the Fandom Menace because he has confidence in himself which I wish I had like Jeremy.

    Women these days are more confused then ever by things in our current world thanks to social media that emotionally manipulates their feelings in every possible negative way and is worse for them then for us men.

    We men indeed need to be confident in ourselves enough to help show women that social media isn’t real life then reassure them that we are there for them and we would even protect them when things get bad in today’s world would seem attractive to them because of natural biology of males and females. Women whether they admit it or not want us men to be strong as that shows we could protect them and that is part of the animal biology that is in most mammals of this planet even Humans.

    And yes also confidence in today’s world is looked down upon also by shit like Wokeness and Cancel Culture which is a major confidence destroyer that didn’t exist in the 1990s. This political poison of wokeness is something we as a people in the Western world have never dealt with before like a new unknown disease entering the body of the Western World that has yet to gain an immunity.

    Yes things like dating for me and other men like me is bad right now but with each bad situation of us man or several men struggling with dating women in today’s world, we in the West get a bit more understanding of what is happening and when we talk about stuff like this here either on this forum or anywhere in social media we inform the masses who then inform others and some of these others could be women.

    Women hopefully see us men’s struggle and maybe they start seeing things from our point of view then starting waking up themselves then start rejecting this woke poison that is making their dating life as bad as our dating lives. Men and women need each other and wokeness is in the way, pretty soon women will have to pick either to be woke and miserable or reject woke and live in a world that may not be perfect but at least they have a guy like us men to love them along with protect them when things get bad and they in turn love us back.

    Now I sound a bit naive, but I think as things in politics get worse….women will have to wake up to this a some point and reject wokeness for their own sanity.

    Wokeness is doing no one any favors…male or female.

    Just my 2 cents



    But I’m not really a liberal nor a conservative……I don’t know would conservative women nerdy or not would be interested in me?

    I think I am more a Centrist Libertarian type or a Centristarian which is just a term I just made up now to describe people who lean more in the direct middle of the political spectrum that are Libertarian.

    I might seem too immature to a conservative nerdy girl cause I can’t find a full time job that pays well because holding down jobs for the long term isn’t exactly easy for a guy like me who has Aspergers Syndrome as my past jobs never worked out. Heck I am unemployed right now I have been unemployed since August 2019, 5 months before the Beerbug hit and made being unemployed a hip fashion statement.

    I do want to have a wife, and have kids with her one day in the near future one day but currently I can’t figure out where to get a job that works for me. Conservative women want a guy with a job and I don’t have one right now. I am trying to do online classes to learn something new but it is hard to get myself motivated to learn something new that could pay and support a family in the long run.

    I’m too mature to be a liberal and yet not mature enough to be a conservative.



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