I keep hearing his argument that sex ed has to be taught to young kids

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      I think this entire argument is a straw man argument. It’s a way to get your foot in the door with sexual stuff and kids.  First they say kids need sex ed.  Then once you accept that premise the argument pushes the age lower and lower until you have 6 year olds shoving money in drag queen underwear.

      The whole argument of when to teach kids about sex is a logical fallacy.  SCHOOLS SHOULD NEVER TEACH KIDS ABOUT SEX.

      That is the job of a parent. Parents should never have abdicated their jobs to schools.  That is how we got here.

      I am now of the opinion public schools should be abolished in their current form.  Or at the very least the federal goverment loses all control over them.


      At one time, sex was only mentioned/talked about when one got married.

      Then we started getting people complaining they did not know enough about sex, and wanted it taught in school.

      It was part of High School.

      Oh look, people are having pre-marital sex at 18 years.  We need to push sex ed to the junior high school levels.

      Oh look, now teens in their 16’s are having sex.

      Now if we push sex ed to an even younger demographics, guess what?  It leads to younger and younger people trying/experimenting with sex!

      But those pushing this don’t see it that way at all.

      We need to indoctrinate sex ed to pre-teens.

      WAIT!  We need to sexualize children BEFORE they can read and write and do basic math.

      Why?  The f’ing groomers.


      Little by little, they have been moving the teaching of sex to an earlier age.


      I am waiting for the day I hear in the news that they have not only started to show porn (movies not just images) but have live performances infront of them, with them eventually requiring participation.

      You not only have to be taught sex (reproduction), but the various acts of it.

      Then, to pass, you have to demonstrate your skills.


      See, it is OK to have sex.  Before marriage, with as high a body count as you can.

      Being faithful, stopping the spread of STD’s, etc. are all outdated concepts the modern libtards must abolish.

      Oh, you forgot to wear protection?  NO problem!  We can kill what your act of reproduction (aka your baby) easily.


      Making a world full of Adultery: CHECK!

      Making a world full of murderers: CHECK!


      Making a world away from God’s Commandments: CHECK!


        God’s commandments are not arbitrary rules to see if we will follow them.  They are common sense guiderails to keeping us healthy and happy in the long run. It is Satan who runs into the room shouting why be happy in 5 years, you can feel good for 5 mins now.  Of course he does not tell you about the next 5 years of misery.  It’s all a spiritual misdirection.

        The further we stray from God’s morality the worse off society is.  Don’t believe me just look around you.

        The purpose of sex ultimately is reproduction.  Hence why it was kept for marriage.  That was the standard.  Once people decided morality was subjective then anything becomes possible.

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        • This reply was modified 7 months, 1 week ago by Vknid.

        I’m starting to think that they had it simpler back in the day; no sex or kids UNTIL you were married! Pretty sure if my mum heard about us doing sex education at Primary School she would’ve been outraged.


          Sex should be taught at home by the parents. especially to young kids. Sure, when they are in high school they can have some education on reproductivity. But, for the most part that is stuff that should be left out of school imo. It is not the place of the government or schools to raise children, just give them the tools to choose their life path when they are older. Parents need to do the rest. Science, Math, Writing, Reading, History, Art & Crafts (which can have cooking), and some elective Music and or Physical Ed is ALL that should be taught in schools. Nothing more.


            Sex ed was taught in schools way back when I was in school…. And to be very blunt, the Kids could have taught the teachers a few things…. Seriously by 12 Kids know all about it if not already have done it in some cases. Not a new thing either for these new generations, PSSSTTTT Marriage in ancient times was as young as 13.

            Should it be taught in school? As part of Biology Science yes. But in that limited capacity as part of Biological reproduction and Propagation of species. But that is also a very deep topic when you get in to many other species. Human reproduction is pretty simple, human sexual activity is very broad and hence we have “The Kamasutra”

            The real question is should any thing “Non Scientifically Biology” be taught and that answer is NO! Leave the Propaganda and Agendas out of Class.  And I guess to be clear  “Non Scientifically Biology” = anything that is not related to Male and Female reproduction I.E. Boys have a Penis, Girls have a Vagina, and these idiots who claim non-binary give me a Head-ache and no its not a TUMOR.


              Well there is a distinction.  Teaching reproduction vs. teaching sex.  I can see there being reproduction in high school but nothing else and nothing below that level.


              Listen, I’m gonna tell you all from experience: sex is best taught by the parents. South Park may just be a cartoon, but one episode made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR how we all should feel about sex ed in schools.


              Quoting Chef (paraphrased): You don’t know whose going to be teaching your kids. It could be someone who is clueless or has a bad opinion of it, or someone whose a complete pervert *pans over to Mr.Garrison*.

              And with the woke teachers out there today, I assure you it’s mostly going to be all three, a trifecta of woke garbage brainwashing and confusing kids (especially in the blue states).

              Let me also further this argument: the people who are trying to teach kids young than middle school are 1000% trying to sexualize and confuse your kids into being part of the Alphabet Party (not even joking and no I’m not being bigoted, look at their agenda). Kids today who are being indoctrinated into this garbage treat their sexuality and gender like a fashion statement. Is that what anyone wants for their kids? For sex and gender to become interchangable clothing so they use your kids for some perverted practices?

              Always remember: evil comes for the children first. Why? Because they’re the most vulnerable. Protect your kids, protect your selves, and please move to states where they ban the trans BS because the last thing anyone here wants is to see another mutilated and mislead child turn self harm.


              I say all this to protect you and your families and I am fine if anyone here disagrees with me, but at the end of the day there are a lot of sickos in the woke community causing these problems and we need to snuff out this mental disease before the future of this country is snuffed out.


              Take care, god bless.



                Yes they are coming for the kids. I think it was their goal all along.  And the very sad fact is there are plenty of “parents” willing to sacrifice their children on the alter of woke to score a few virtue signal points to feed their narcissism. Not only should good people and parents protect their children but they should also look out for the kids whom are left to be used and abused by these monsters.  It is righteous and good to defend others.

                Furthermore, I believe it is the job of men to defend women and children even to the detriment of their own well being. Surely it is the job of women to defend children as well but men are called to sacrifice to this end as I see it.

                “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” –Matthew 18:6


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                In my school we had sex education starting towards the end of elementary school. It consisted mainly of explaining things like menstruation cycle, contraceptives and how they work, STDs and stuff. I had no problem with that but I feel like many students had the immature humor so often times during class the back row boys were just laughing because ”LOL weiner haha”. But yeah I see no problem in it since it’s educational.

                I think at that age students are old enough to comprehend what sex and genitals are (like having their first masturbation and boys comprehending erections) and they start going through changes because of puberty, but the students are still obviously young enough to not have experienced sex yet so the education is taught before anything bad can occur. That’s just my two cents in the matter.


                sex education starting towards the end of elementary school

                By all these groomers want this explicit sex ed indoctrinated to students as soon as they are sent to school.

                That is way too soon.

                … I feel like many students had the immature humor…

                Yet, at the same time, people younger that those should be able to mutilate their bodies (against their parent’s wishes) if they are convinced they are trans.

                Oh look.  We have one more sterilized human.


                  Imo sex-ed (and by that i mean reproduction and puberty and the concequences of certain actions) should start in middle school, which is when kids are the avarege age they’re starting to go thru puberty, not to sexualize them, but to (attempt to) prevent them from doing something stupid


                  many students had the immature humor so often times during class the back row boys were just laughing because ”LOL weiner haha”

                  My school started sex-ed in highschool and we were still going “LOL weiner haha” the whole time…


                  By all these groomers want this explicit sex ed indoctrinated to students as soon as they are sent to school.

                  That is way too soon.

                  I don’t find it too soon. At my last year of elementary school I was like 12, I think that’s a perfect age to learn the potential risks of sex, as I explained earlier. Because at 12 you have already developed an understanding of what sex is (and most at that age experienced masturbation) but it’s still too early for have experienced sex so it’s still a preventive method. Like if you start having sexual education at the age of 18, many people have already experienced sex at that point and might be lacking in knowledge.

                  Yet, at the same time, people younger that those should be able to mutilate their bodies (against their parent’s wishes) if they are convinced they are trans.

                  yeah I think all procedures (be it plastic surgery or transitioning) should be done after age of 18


                    I don’t find it too soon. At my last year of elementary school I was like 12

                    If i didn’t know any better i would’ve cringed reading that you learnt sex-ed end of elementary, but i know different countries devide the school years differently

                    I was 10 last year of elementary school, 12 second year of middle school


                    I recall learning about the consequences of sex in early high school, but things like puberty were taught in middle school, and of course us immature kids would look at the pictures of penises.

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