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    Books were a bit better than the films were in my opinion but as for the one in Hollywood, there are things lacking to a point that the one in Florida has that California doesn’t. Granted that the only main attraction is The Forbidden Journey (second time I went the ride broke down near the end which to me was embarrassing).  I did get myself one of those interactive wands, a House themed water bottle, and a scarf pertaining to the said house (technically I was only going to go for two things but I wasn’t paying attention the second time around). Considering that I went during the Christmas season, I definitely enjoyed the light show at night.  Might try the sweets shop next time I visit (while I’m wearing my scarf of course).


    These movies are so re watchable. I watch them several times a week.


    Love the Harry Potter movies.  I don’t have much time to read so I do listen to them on Audible.  Looking forward to visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter later this month to score some Slytherin gear.


    The first 4 books were good & so was the world building. The plot holes, daux ex Machina and lack of character development was the downside.

    Voldemort (spoiler alert) aka Thomas Riddle was a joke…here’s why (shameless plug)

    Useless Bad Guy — Thomas Riddle aka Voldemort


    Can you give a specific example of a deus ex machina in HP, since I really can’t come up with one.

    Also, I prefer Voldemort and especially Grindelwald over Palpatine


    Let’s see:

    Fawkes appearing in the chamber of secrets at just the right time does his phoenix thing, flies off only to return again at just the right time when Harry is being poisoned to death.

    Harry drops the wand (chamber of secrets) and Tom Riddle mouth breathes, & does nothing with the wand

    Everything to do with wand lore. sister wands? Seriously, they don’t even look similar or are even made out of the same material. So if this nonsense is to be believed then Ron still does have his real wand and the Death Stick should have a sister wand.

    Ron showing up to save Harry in the Forest in Deadly Hallows. Mind you a highly skilled werewolf couldn’t find them, but Ron sure could.

    Harry just happens to be taught the patronus charm and masters it, only to never be used again.

    Everything in the deadly hallows

    Don’t get me started on plot contrivances, contradictions and the Marauder’s Map. (yet another shameless plug)

    Harry Potter — Useless Wizard



    Well many of those aren’t even Deus ex machinas… Also, Harry never was a talented wizard in terms of gifts other than defence against dark arts, like Hermione for example was a better wizard when it comes to spells in general. That’s why he could learn the patronus charm rather quickly, since it was in his area of specialty.

    Also, Dumbledore never really taught Harry much (in fighting or spells), he guided him. So it makes sense that Harry wasn’t overpowered even tho he was the ”special one” and had the greatest wixard of all time as his mentor. Harry’s best qualities were his defence against dark arts spells and his bravery (or rather, stubborness).

    And there’s no way Dumbledore could’ve defeated Voldemort by himself. In a fair 1v1 probably, but Dumbledore was already past his prime and Voldemort was immortal thanks to his Horcruxes, so in a stretched out battle until death Dumbledore would’ve definitely lost after fatigue kicking in since he was so old. In order to take down Voldemort for good, Harry needed the help of basically all his friends, but the most crucial were Dumbledore and Snape who did so much groundwork and gave their lives for it to be possible.

    But I do agree HP has plot holes and plot conveniences, but didn’t bother me too much. I mean pretty much every franchise has those.


    Voldemort couldn’t win a fight against a paper bag. He should have hired Mean Girls or Heather’s to take over the school.

    Useless Bad Guy — Thomas Riddle aka Voldemort


    Tom Felton aka Draco Malfo was in Jupiter’s Legacy, he played the Australian Ice guy with the van, dude his career fell apart once he turned 30, poor guy.

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