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    Scenic Stellar Blade I Found The Hidden Oasis with Soothing OST.
    I am taking my time with the amazing Stellar Blade. My favorite thing to do is explore as much of the world as possible. Sometimes that gets me in trouble & sometimes I find Beautiful hidden resorts. In this video I explored the Wasteland, a dry barren unwelcoming expansive map, with dangers lurking everywhere. When I came across 2 trees with green foliage, that stuck out in this part of the world. I went up to them & I discovered an alcove.
    The alcove grew & grew until it was a large cave with it’s own eco system. This is so far the most beautiful area in the game. I spent a lot of time outside of capturing footage just to look around it. There were these big beautiful bountiful berries that glowed & emitted a shimmering sound as it’s aura. Unfortunately, I could not harvest them, they are static fruit, but still beautiful.
    I hope you guys enjoy this video & come back for more of my Scenic Stellar Blade videos. All are recorded in 4k on the Playstation 5. This is also the original version of the game from my physical copy, version 1.000.000. Stay Stellar & stay tuned for more videos.

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