I miss the days I obsessed over Geek Culture instead politics

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    Ever since 2016 I went from some guy who obsessed over Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel and all things Geek Culture to everyday obsessing over politics and what the future has in store for all of us in real life.

    At 31 I find myself watching Rebel News or Timpool endlessly and worrying about what other violation of Human Rights and Freedom is gonna violated rather than what evil scheme the Joker is doing and how Batman is gonna stop him this time.

    I would read a comic but a few pages in, I would think….what happens if Freedom of speech is gone tomorrow and how will I get a job without a jab? When I was 24 I could easily read hours and hours about Thor taking fools down and barely any politics enters my mind.

    I swear ever since 2016 I just can’t enjoy Geek Culture like I used to because things weren’t so crazy back then.

    Will I ever one day obsess over Batman more than worry about politics in real life?

    What do I do?


    I don’t know if this counts as advice, but the only thing I can say is try to obsess over geek culture more, it’ll keep you sane and able to think straight when the time comes to deal with real life

    I can only say this based on personal experience, even I worry about getting a job, how to travel, and stuff like that, but if I obsessed over it 24/7 I’d go completely insane, reading comics/manga and watching anime is what keeps me grounded and able to think when it is eventually time to find a job



    The problems of our youth are so small that obsessing over comics is easily the problems we face as adults of this Era are…harder to ignore as they affect the close world around us. It is hard for me to read about Batman when my whole family is acting like they are all under the fear gas of the Scarecrow.

    I would love to go back to 2013 and have a talk with my 23 year old self then say “Hey younger me, first off we are one good looking guy that Olivia Wilde or Megan Fox would totally fall head over heels for if either of them saw us in person, second….you might want to stop over eating…I have seen your future and my past…we got got kinda chunky at 25 years old which is 2 years from your time. Also….your life at the moment is nothing compared to my own….you wouldn’t want to see my time I came from. Go enjoy yourself and plan for the future before you become me and live in my shit present and your shit future.”


    … is what keeps me grounded…

    And not gravity?  LOL

    Luckily, we can still talk about pre-political times.  The days of enlightenment, before the dark times, before agendas.

    Sure, it is getting harder too each day, as things are being made political so the toxic can push their narratives.

    Roas has been doing a series of book reviews of Star Wars EU novels, for example.

    We have several people here at G&G who are into anime/manga.

    You just have to either find them (and join in), or start one and have people join in the conversation.


    Over on the Canadian CultureCorner, we’re doing a Hobbit book-club and analyse fantasy-lore, and other nerd-topics, so if it’s politics-free geek-culture you want you can come check us out.


    It’s a sign of maturity and normal. It’s like going from comics to novels to textbooks. Geeks go from geekin out about comics to geeking out over politics because LOTR and Game of Thrones is just allegory for the powerful houses and families that rule our regions. We go from geeking out over Star Wars to geeking out over anti-gravity or technology or economics. Your post, once again, lands on us all.



    That is the first time anyone told me I was normal for feeling the way I feel, my family in real life think I am crazy or depressed thinking what I think about current politics. To tell you and everyone here, the truth I didn’t even want to think about politics but like Bruce Wayne not wanting to be Batman…….that guy in the alley way showed up and changed his life forever.

    That guy in the alley way in one gesture of wielding a weapon took Bruce’s parents, a bunch of guys in the power wielded politics like a weapon and made my family crazy. So much like Bruce Wayne I am an orphan in my political beliefs that barely anyone can agree with me on in my family.

    And I have been dealing with the Jokers that are Wokesters ever since. 2016 changed everything for me, and I find weird how 2016 made everyone I know in real life turn woke or into an SJW and did the opposite of me?

    I guess maybe it could be the fact that before 2016…….I was kind of woke myself, I had no idea at the time I was until years later looking back on it and I realized used to say alot of the same things as these weirdo wokesters did then 2016 happened and I was put on the path of being broken from the spell but those around me fell under it.


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