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    so about 6 days ago I posted a meme of Sasquatch and it says for the last time I’m not Michelle Obama, I get dinged by Fail book for 7 days on the claim it’s hate speech, so naturally I disagree with the decision, 3 hours later Fail Book reverses it as it doesn’t violate their soo called community standards, so when I went to post on my wall about my 7 day ban being reversed, I get a notice that I am now blocked for 30 days, of course there is nothing in my support inbox about it, and as usual there is no way to contact those idiots at Fail Book, I swear we need a better scoial media platform that is for adults and grown ass adults that are not SJWs, Liberals, Left, Antifa, BLM and soo on


    Gloating that you won an appeal of a meme comparing a black woman to what’s essentially a giant ape, nope…don’t see any reason why they’d want to shut that down!



    Otherwise I would 100% agree with you that comparing black people with apes is racist, but tbh… I genuinely think Michelle Obama and especially Leslie Jones legit have monkey-like facial features, but saying it out loud would be really controversial. So I kinda agree with both here, personally.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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