I wish G+G and Doomcock would make up then move on

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    I am probably gonna invite alot of drama along with hate for even talking about this from the community but since it has been several months since that situation happened between G+G and Doomcock, I thought I would talk about it now. First off I didn’t see the Friday Night Tights stream where Ryan and Doomcock had their spat, I only knew about their aftermath 4 months ago that was the big thing on Discord back when I had it. Alot of Youtubers like Mr. H talked about the situation and I got a summary of it.

    At that time I said nothing as I didn’t want drama or take sides, I still don’t but I now just want to speak my thoughts and opinions about G+G and Doomcock. I know there is alot of anger towards Doomcock and alot of anger Ryan.

    I don’t really know either of these guys personally but I had responded to them in Youtube comments in the past back when I still had a Youtube account. I back in the day had alot of my comments read, replied and favourited by to by Doomcock several times. He even answered an email I sent him long ago and he even read a few of my questions I had asked him on his livestreams.

    Heck it was on one of Doomcock’s livestreams that I ever first interacted with people in The Fandom Menace and I kind of interacted with Doomcock. He seemed like a nice guy, a funny dude also and if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t feel so welcomed into a community that saw pop culture as I did. So if not for Doomcock whether you guys like him or hate him, I wouldn’t be here now talking to all of you on this website.

    I have no idea if Doomcock’s rumours are true or not about Star Wars but he does say take it with a grain of salt like in all his videos so that kind says if he is wrong he is kind of insured against people calling him out as wrong. I hate what is happening in Star Wars right now but Doomcock’s rumours he reports on comforts me in a way whether they are true or not? I just want good news in Star Wars.

    Star Wars is in such a bad way these days, that I want to hear something good news once in awhile even if someone is gonna debunk Doomcock’s claims later like Mr. H Reviews. Doomcock knows how to entertain and I like that about him as he keeps me distracted from the negative that is Disney Star Wars and I am grateful to him for putting a community of people together for me to be apart of that let know more like minded people.

    So it really makes me sad to see Doomcock not ever be able to interact with Jeremy, Nerdrotic, Drunk and the rest as when I first discovered The Fandom Menace, Doomcock used to hangout with Jeremy all the time and that felt like home for me. Now that Jeremy along with the rest of G+G aren’t on speaking terms with Doomcock I feel like a kid who’s family fell apart and half my family went to the other side of the country while I stayed with half that is still in the same place but home doesn’t feel like home anymore without the family members that left.

    I wish for old time sake that Jeremy, Ryan, Nerdrotic and Doomcock would just patch things up in very near future then things could be like they were before. It feels weird to watch Gary now and him never mentioning Doomcock as they used to do the Exo Zone together.

    I miss the old days when everyone in The Fandom Menace used to get along.





    I’d wish for that too, but reality is always harsh, OverlordDVD already moved on and has a new stream program, Gary seems to be enjoying FNT, also I’m with Ryan and Jeremy respecting Disney Star Wars: better leave them be until they can no longer make real profit and on the long term hopefully they’ll sell it back to George or another company that is really interested on making real and original Star Wars content.

    Now is crystal clear they can’t fire Kathleen Kennedy, nor until the woke politics are removed and they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

    IMHO I enjoyed watching Doomcock’s videos more when he was like the Critical Drinker giving his fair opinion on woke Hollywood than being like Mike Zeroh’s rumors channel even If he’s more accurate than the later.


    Oi, not this stuff again.

    What is it with pining for The Fandom Menace? The Fandom Menace was basically a failure after its initial rallying cry to just let people know they were not alone in being pissed at Disney Lucasfilm. Did TFM actually accomplish anything in stopping Disney from its continued destruction of Star Wars and other projects?

    Not that I can see.

    Disney has continued to run unchecked in destroying one property after another while many “alleged” and “supposed” members of TFM whine and complain more about purity tests than actually trying to be a community. The Fandom Menace was a hashtag and nothing more than a rallying cry that has long since served its purpose and is redundant to the real fight that is going on.

    Not to mention, Jeremy/G+G, Gary, Doomcock, EVS, etc….no one there was actually TFM. Many times they all said in one way shape or form, “I am not Fandom Menace. It’s just a hashtag. I’m me. I am not a part of any organization calling itself that.” So this rose colored glasses of people saying TFM needs to reform are deluding themselves and forgetting the actual history.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….we’re all adults here…we don’t need to all get along and be besties to do the work that we’re doing. Adults are gonna fight, and most times not get along and then go their separate ways and just do their own things, which is sometimes for the best. When that happens, then people aren’t stepping on each other’s toes and life goes the F on. What matters is that wherever they have gone, and whatever they are doing, people continue to work to shine a light on the filth of Disney/Hollywood, SJWs, and the rest of the woke Marxists in entertainment.

    Sometimes people will work together for a while, but we are all basically individual resistance cells that are more often than not stronger being separate because then if one gets canceled then the rest survive and fight on and new ones get formed all the time. Being a single “organization” is the dumbest thing to be, because it paints a target big enough for the SJWs to focus fire and burn us down by taking out leaders and strongholds.

    Once and for all, people need to forget this hindsight appreciation for a thing that The Fandom Menace never was and focus on the present and the future.

    History teaches us lessons, but wallowing in it can also be a hindrance.

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    Can I get a transcript of the interaction between DVD and Ryan or do I have to find the Friday Night Tights episode that DVD was on? I assume DVD was only on it one time. You said it happened some months ago?


    Can I get a transcript of the interaction between DVD and Ryan or do I have to find the Friday Night Tights episode that DVD was on? I assume DVD was only on it one time. You said it happened some months ago?

    Doomcock has never been on FNT. What happened did spawn from events leading up to an FNT episode and then Twitter.

    You know the meme/rumor of Lucasfilm Civil War and Kathleen Kennedy is always about to be fired?

    Doomcock basically pushed that hard….and people believed him.

    What happened over the summer was Doomcock basically switched his content from commentary and reviews to rumor milling. Granted, he found a massive audience that wanted that, and his channel grew rapidly. So if that’s how he wants to make that scratch and run his channel, then that’s his choice. Thing is, a decent portion of his old audience, an audience that is shared by this entire corner/sphere of YouTube, was annoyed because we (yes I liked the way his channel used to be) just wanted fun videos again, not rumors talking about the “Lucasfilm Civil War That Favreau is winning and KK is about to be fired…”

    Because of this, a lot of old school Doomcock fans became frustrated and annoyed, because now his channel was just rumors all the time.

    Well, parts of the FNT crew started to tease that making memes and jokes about KK being fired, and then one night during a discussion Ryan went off on the whole thing and did a rage rant, basically sticking it to Doomcock about pushing rumors and making people constantly think they’re going to happen.

    Doomcock got butt hurt over that and did a pretty ugly Twitter rant at Ryan.

    This went on for a week between FNT shows to the point where The Inquisition got canceled two weekends in a row and ended up being permanently canceled. Die hard loyalist fans on both sides dug in, chose sides, and then made it kinda worse by then flaming either Doomcock or FNT crew, disavowing their support for the other side and choosing to white knight for one or the other.

    Gary supposedly smoothed things over behind the scenes eventually, and he and Doomcock did one more ExoZone, but since then there has been a pretty visible dissolving of their prior partnership with Doomcock going his way and still doing what he does and Gary putting more time into supporting FNT crew channels.

    That’s the story.

    Like I said before, this is life. Shit like this happens, and pining for the past is not healthy. Sometimes people are better off choosing paths that are not the same and doing their own thing. That’s how the real world works. This isn’t the freaking sandbox where we’re all innocent little kiddies, and we naturally get along…this is real life and egos and agendas and decisions made to be successful and profitable sometimes end up driving us rather than being nice and dancing in circle jerk. We’re normal people, and we’re going to have different opinions. We’re not SJWs who have a hive mind and robotically agree on everything.

    I personally do not agree with the choices Doomcock made for his channel, but the channel blew up and he’s making money, so it’s successful and the loss of a few former fans like myself was balanced out, and he can do whatever he wants with his own channel, even if I think it’s a little dishonest and disingenuous. But like I said, his new sub base wants that, and he’s giving it to them and being successful. Best of luck to Doomcock, but people like me got left behind, have moved on, and I honestly never give it a second thought until it gets brought up like this.

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    From what I recall, it was a twitter argument between Ryan and Doomcock, so there is no y-tube vid of the interaction that caused the division.  Just talk about the aftermath.

    And I think the two agreed to disagree on the point in question and have BOTH moved on… as I think we should.

    That there is still some politics that are preventing them from interacting with each other on both sides, is a shame.


    I do BOTH FNT and FNF.

    I do BOTH Nerdrotic Nooners and Pop Culture Breakdown.

    I get the odd G&G Games night (Most times I won’t be in the chat when I am).


    Their message(s), and their love to save pop culture IS and should BE more important than people picking sides (personalities/egos).


    In time, I do hope Gary, Jeremy and Doomcock will once again produce vids together.

    But until then, I won’t push or pressure them to do so.

    It will come when THEY are good and ready…. and I know most of us would like that to be sooner than later.


    Thank you for this! I’ve been listing to exozone episodes recently and couldn’t figure out why they didn’t make them anymore.


    I say Jeremy lies up to his promise and he opens the door to peace talks with Doomock and everyone once again. Cause the Culture war can’t be won with petty squabbling.

    Just my 2 cents


    When DC takes off the mask, stops hiding behind ( unnamed sources) and apologizes publicly to Ryan, that is when I would think about opening any doors, thats’ just me, I dislike people who hide, because to me that means you have something to hide. And unnamed sources are basically what the legacy lying media does, its a lie to me and I hate liars especially so when they keep proving to be wrong. And his actions toward Ryan should demand a public apology if for no other reason than its the adult thing to do.


     I dislike people who hide, because to me that means you have something to hide.

    And those that do reveal gets doxxed/swatted by those who oppose the truth/have a different opinion.  Tim Poole has had that happen how many times now?  Threats of violence to them and their families, their places of work, etc.  That is why some people will remain anonymous.


    So using your point, then why do you not use YOUR REAL FACE/Name in your profile?  What do you have to hide, if you are accusing others of doing the exact same thing.

    You cannot claim one thing while doing that exact same thing yourself.  That completely makes your point MOOT.


    And until whistleblower laws do a better job of protecting people who reveal things (so they themselves don’t get doxxed/swatted, etc.)


    I agree, this whole thing with the media of “they are not authorized to speak of…” but here it is anyway, I think should be illegal for the media outlets to use.  I equal that to insider trading rules.


    DC is wise to hide, as Legatus said. If your name and face our out there, you’ll get swatted or worse.

    Overall, it’s kind of pathetic that there is backstage drama in the fandom menace, but it happens in every scene. Music, arts, entertainment. Where there are creative people, there will be drama.

    DC turning his channel into a rumor mill turned me away from his channel, and I have to say, currently I think the Drinker and to a degree RLM are doing the best job at waking people up to the corporate garbage served by Disney, Warner etc. In the end, these channels should have three purposes:
    1. Wake people up to stop consuming garbage that rots their brain and empower them to voice their criticism
    2. Make money
    3. Push quality entertainment instead

    Doesn’t mean they have to all be one big happy family. But very few people will tune in for drama or in scene garbage, and it makes the scene look stupid. So stop.


    Actually I am on social media under me real name and face.  This is one of the few places I dont use it. Not ashamed of who I am and will stand behind my words. Heck my face is actually on here even.

    Now would i give out my phone and address? Heck No, Do i do things to keep trolls away sure. But the point is and the one I am making is: If you are going to put out (News / Reporting) then take the mask off and stand behind what you say and face the consequences of your actions. Nice thing about the truth is it is also a great shield. Rumors are what mean girls do, which brings me to the next point.

    You did not even bring up the other point, the way he treated Ryan so Publicly. Sorry man until he makes a public apology for what he did so publicly then he is a big hell to the naw for me. Character counts to me. Its ok to have a disagreement even a fight. But when its over be a man and say your sorry or shake hands. Some of my oldest friends i made from a fight. I am talking full on fist fight back when that is how we solved problems as kids. But what he did was what the mean girls do.


    I watched the entire thing live. I posted to Doomcock myself on Twitter, something I never do, but felt to need to add some logic into the drama that was going on….over nothing. It fell on deaf ears.

    The actual “drama” started with a comment Ryan said about Doomcocks followers being idiots for believing his rumors. Doomcock over-reacted and frankly acted like a 12 yr old. It then bled over into Twitter. Doomcock took what was said in an entirely wrong direction. He clearly did not actually listen to what Ryan said in the first place. People were flat out lying about Ryan and what he said, they had a dog pile on Ryan just like Leftists do to people on twitter, I saw it all myself. It was pissing me off. After Doomcocks reaction, I un-subed and have never watched him again. I find him to be a simpering wimp now after all of that. The way he acted turned me off him. It was beyond childish, and very illogical.

    Ryan apologized, but frankly didn’t need to. He did it anyway, and took an entire stream to explain himself, a stream many of his followers clearly never watched because they kept lying about him. Nothing he said was wrong. Sure, he could have worded it differently, but what he said was correct. This is why I do not like being any part of groups or “communities”. The group mentality always ends up with people “taking a side” instead of evaluating the facts and using critical thinking. They always defend their friend or fandom illogically as if they can do no wrong. I find it disgusting.

    Sure, it would be great for them to “make up” and move on. Actually, Ryan and GnG have moved on. It’s never talked about. Doomcock needs to have a laugh, actually read what ACTUALLY was said and happened, and bury the hatchet.

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    I was there to. Your post is dead on. Like I said above “character counts”. Ons showed it one did not.

    I also 100% agree with you on the “Groups, Communities” we called the “clicks”.  There is many I unsubbed from because of different reason but mostly because they are becoming exactly what they are fighting against and do not even see it. Or WORSE they know it but they also know its how they earn their revenue so they do it.

    To me They are no better than Disney, and Woke Hollywood. Both have rabid followers and both feed them the anger and hate. I actually think of them as the Preacher who knows he has problems in his church and its members but because he fears cutting off the Tithe and Donations allows it to continue.

    I come from a time where the News still reported the facts, let the viewer make up their mind.  I like Drinker he keeps it to a minimum when pointing out “the message” but in reality he does not need to even say it. People can by a honest review or discussion figure it out for themselves.

    I do not need anger or emotions blah blah blah… Side (a) can make their points, then let side (b) and then discuss them together. In a review make the points and then I will see the movie maybe or maybe not but then I can decide for myself. This damn Country has forgot how to talk to each other or simply and calmly have a good debate on a subject.


    It’s about Risk v Reward. What benefit would he get by making sure everyone knew exactly who he was?  A few subs might be happy if he did, but he’d also open himself up to a massive amount of negative situations.  For example, I have a wife and 2 young kids and I live and work in California, so I certainly would takes steps to stay anonymous if I had a channel like his.  Not only for my kids safety, but also bc living where I do, it would all but guarantee I’d lose my job if it was known who I was.  If I were single and living in a red state, I’d think completely differently and would absolutely “take the mask off”


    I just don’t think it’s a cut and dry issue, and it depends on each person’s individual situation…. But I do have to ask, do you begrudge MauLer for doing the same?  If so, at least you’d be consistent, but if not, then maybe that’s something to think about.

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