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      After watching Just Some Guy’s review of Wall-Might, I decided to get it. It was amusing, so I decided to buy Kamen America. That was amusing too.
      So now I am collecting those. I have ordered the Black Hops omnibus and Black Hops x Kamen America. Hopefully those are good as well.

      Kamen America is a better version of Captain Marvel. For sure. I guess it started off as a parody? Now its more like a parody of Sailor Moon. Whatever. Works for me.


      Black Hops, Agent Poso, SoulFinder and Wall-Might. I did not realize it, but Iconic is probably the comics I’ve bought the most in the last year.


      Recently got the first three volumes of Kamen America and enjoyed them.  I’m also thinking about hitting up Kickstarter for the crossover and omnibus to catch up on Black Hops.  Iconic Comics and other third party comic creators have probably put more heart and soul into their works than all of Marvel and DC no contest.  Also, I think once the crowdfunding for Iconic Comics properties are over you can pre-order them on their official website.


      I enjoyed Just Some Guys’ videos on Wall Might and Kamen America as well.  Here’s hoping he does a video on Kamen America Volume 3 as well.  Also, are their any other indie works you recommend?  Been on the lookout for good content not corrupted by SJW bullshit.


        Iconic Comics puts their overstock on their site after the kickstarter, but it doesn’t get reprinted as often as I would like.

        I wanted to get Black Hops and it sold out. It got re-printed as part of this kickstarter, so I jumped on that. It looks good.

        I LOVE the hard cover… I am kinda mad my first two are regular paper back GN’s. But I don’t need two copies of Kamen America 2 and 3 of the first issue. I originally bought Kamen America on the store as a regular comic. Then got the GN which has just a few more pages.

        Maybe next kickstarter I will get the hard covers, if available, and give away the paper backs.


        Thanks for clarifying.  Unfortunately that’s the downside of being a third party, reprints aren’t as frequent while simultaneously pushing your stories forward.  Who knows, maybe they’ll take a year off from work one day and focus on reprints.  So long as we support them financially now they can grow in the future.


        Just Some Guy makes great videos. A lot of thought goes into them. Also, just the parody skills in Wall-Might were beyond the best issues of MAD Magazine. Very talented writers. Putting satire in comic form and almost having like a comic book of The Babylon Bee could be a whole genre unto itself. Glad they don’t get too carried away. Some of the jokes were actually too good and too much. It’s really incredible when someone does something like this because there is material everywhere and no one takes on the obvious, like the Epstein example.


        You listed all the comics I read recently minus Patriotika (not Iconic but still much better than any mainstream comic). Since they’re all from the same company, I might as well read the rest. Crowd-funded comics really are industry’s last refuge (for anybody that actually cares about good content).


          The Kickstarter update today says Kamen America is the official mascot of BellCon in Texas. Good for Texas. I sadly don’t live there. As far as mascots go, I wouldn’t complain o.O



            Looks like Kamen America is getting a volume 4 and 5. I wonder how long it will run? Personally, I like my stories to have an ending at some point.

            From Timothy Lim, on Kickstarter

            Thank you for making BLACK HOPS X KAMEN AMERICA such a resounding success: we still have a month and change to go, but we have already submitted our files for print and should be on track for an August-September fulfillment! We are also knee-deep in art for KAMEN AMERICA, VOLUME 4 and VOLUME 5, which we can’t wait to show you in full this fall! And don’t worry, we have more BLACK HOPS coming your way but after the events of BH X KA, there’s enough shakeup that we can’t tease any art without spoiling a lot of things that happen this summer!


            Thanks for reminding that I need to get vol. 2. Still, it’s good to see that Kamen America is doing well.



            Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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