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    IF REY’S HERO’S JOURNEY WAS REVEALED TO BE FROM THE ANTAGONIST PERSPECTIVE, making Hero to Villain & Villain to Hero by the end of it.
    Rey as a Villain Family History

    What if? 7 seeds of Darth Sidious aka Sheev Palpatine were created during the original trilogy & kept by the Emperor’s Royal Guards in an act of secrecy, to which they were then carried across the galaxy upon his death in RETURN OF THE JEDI and planted into 6 female Emperor loyalists, with the 7th one being Qi’ra (Rey’s mother).

    Birthing the seeds of the Emperor with the Imperial Advisors to Sidious/the Emperor facilitating the protection and secrecy of the 6 sons & 1 daughter of Sidious.

    The six sons manipulate Ben Solo turning him into Kylo Ren, while the daughter is sent to live with her mother on Coruscant. Her mother Qi’ra who Luke finds, forcing Rey’s parents (Qi’ra & a Royal Guard) to send Rey away to the planet Jakku.

    And What If? At the end of The Rise of Skywalker in a Throne Room scene, and Luke Skywalker hadn’t been killed off, Rey & Klyo Ren find out this story together through a messenger droid with the face of Darth Sidious on it, where his voice reveals Rey’s mother to her and brothers, who then turn on Klyo to serve Rey.  Leaving Rey with a choice, and Rey chooses the dark side because her mother is revealed in a cryogenic hibernation capsule, where Luke is revealed to be the cause of Rey’s mother’s comatose condition, and she can only be saved by Rey’s powers.

    Rey, Qi’ra, and the Knights of Ren (now to be known as the Knights of Rey) form a new force family as Luke manages to escape with Klyo Ren now Ben Solo again after it’s revealed he’s been mind-controlled by the Knights most of the time. Setting up a new set of sequels or trilogy where it’s Rey Sidious vs. Ben Solo.

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