If I could make a Star Wars movie..this is what it would be

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    Kathleen Kennedy killed Star Wars!!!!!


    If you can’t see that then you’re either blind or woke or both…


    ……..Evil Aunt Kathy knows nothing about Star Wars and I bet you guys that I could make a better Star Wars movie than her anyday of the week if I was given the chance.

    Here is my idea for my Star Wars movie.

    9000 years after the events of Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi

    My movie will be about a young male Sith Lord who is the apprentice of a beautiful, powerful and extremely deadly female Sith Lord that is both his master and lover.

    The two have a bit of a Bonnie and Clyde type of relationship where they are notorious Sith Lords that paint the galaxy red and destroy all who come their way then have sex after each planet they conquer for their Sith Dominion.

    Our main character learned all his darkside knowledge his female Sith Mistress and the two have a shared Force link like Revan and Bastila in KOTOR.

    Our main character is so in love with his Sith Mistress that he would die for her and do anything for her which includes doing any mission that she would send him on and he would never think that his Sith Mistress would ever betray him?

    Then one day our Sith Lord is sent on a mission that results in an ambush where he is nearly killed then gets captured and finds out that his own Sith Mistress set him up and he asks her why she betrayed him?

    His Sith Mistress responds that she no longer has any use for him as she has found a new more powerful apprentice and then orders her men to freeze the Sith Lord in Carbonite.

    A few decades later our Sith Lord would be found on an abandoned space station by 2 Mandalorian mercs that are a father and daughter team.

    The father Mandalorian will be played by Bruce Willis.

    The Mandalorians accidentally unfreeze our Sith Lord (who hasn’t age at all in the decades) goes on to attack the father and daughter.

    The Sith Lord nearly nearly kills the father Mandalorian when his daughter rushes to try to pull the Sith Lord off. The Sith Lord counters the daughter Mandalorian trying to pull him away from beating up her father further.

    The Sith Lord out of rage attacks the female Mandalorian and knocks her helmet off and she is revealed to be a beautiful Echani woman; with snow white long hair, ice grey eyes, so beautiful that her very beauty distracts the Sith Lord long enough for the Bruce Willis Mandalorian to get a tranq gun and knock the Sith Lord unconscious thus saving his daughter and himself.

    The Sith Lord would awake hours later in a forcefield cage on the Mandalorians’ ship heading for some planet and the Echani female Mandalorian now completely stripped of her armor and wearing very very little clothing shows up with a tray of food to feed him.

    The Sith Lord is angry but at the mercy of the Mandalorian family now that he is in a cage. The Echani female talks to him and tells him that she doesn’t trust him but that she needs to feed him and that this requires her to take down his forcefield that when she does it that the Sith Lord has to promise her that he won’t try to hurt her.

    The Sith Lord realizes he is starving and agrees then the Echani female takes down the forcefield then brings in his food, they two talk in the cage. We get small hints here and there of some subtle attraction between the two that will reveal itself more    and more throughout the movie and trilogy.

    And the Sith Lord only has one thing on his mind throughout the movie which is for him to get revenge against his now former Sith Mistress for what she did to him decades ago and he senses she is still out there.

    Meanwhile the Sith Mistress while meditating senses that her former lover/apprentice is now unfrozen and he wants revenge on her, she then calls in her new apprentice who dresses and looks similar to how the Sith Lord looks, down to wearing the same full face helmet and voice changer as his predecessor before his old clothes were taken from him by his former Sith Mistress.

    The new apprentice looks exactly like his predecessor and gets his orders to kill his Sith Mistress’ former husband/ apprentice.

    Meanwhile back at the Mandalorian ship, the Sith Lord finishes his meal while the Echani woman looks at him the whole time and they exchange distrust with one another mixed with some subtle sexual attraction.

    The Bruce Willis Mandalorian would come in later to check on his daughter along with the Sith Lord and find that neither one has killed the other.

    The Sith Lord would find out from the two Mandalorians that he is being brought to a planet where a client had paid the two Mando mercs to find him then bring him to the client.

    The Sith Lord gets enraged upon hearing how he is being treated like an animal being brought to some farmer and tries to attack the Mandalorians but their ship docks with another ship that distracts the Sith Lord and the Bruce Willis Mando then tells the Sith Lord that the ship docking with them is the client’s ship.

    The Sith Lord gets angry attacks both Mandos again this time taking the Echani Mando hostage then he has a plan of killing the client then stealing his ship to find his former Sith Mistress then getting his revenge.

    Lucky for the Mandos…..the Sith Lord is stopped by the client to frees the Echani Mando female and the client that wanted the Sith Lord turned out to be a powerful Jedi Master played by Morgan Freeman.

    The Jedi Master sedates the Sith Lord then takes him on his ship back to the planet that is a Jedi training ground where the Sith Lord wakes in front of a council of Jedi Masters who begin questioning him of where his Sith Mistress is and the Sith Lord gets angry at them for capturing him and says he has no idea.

    The Jedi Council continue to question the Sith Lord about where his Sith Mistress is getting nowhere when a ship attacks the Jedi Council building and a bunch troopers like Storm Troopers but in black armor come through the glass roof followed by the Sith Mistress’ new apprentice.

    The Sith Lord is shocked that this other Sith Lord is dressed, and sounds like him and even having his same Sith name too.

    The Sith Lord watches as the Jedi Council get cut down by the new Sith Apprentice and his troopers.

    From there only a few Jedi remain and Morgan Freeman Jedi is the last one standing that is still able to fight. Morgan Freeman ends up having to cut the Sith Lord’s restraints and gives the young Sith Lord a lightsaber then asks him to help him fight the new Sith Apprentice.

    At first the Sith Lord refuses then realizes that Morgan Freeman and him have a common enemy and they are forced to be temporary allies.

    The two take down all the troopers then finally the New Apprentice shows up then fights both Morgan Freeman and the Sith Lord.

    The New Apprentice beats both the Sith Lord and Morgan Freeman in a fight then orders his troopers that came in later to capture the Sith Lord and Morgan Freeman.

    It would be a long time later when both the Sith Lord and Morgan Freeman would awake in an arena of some kind where the New Apprentice stands there next to his Sith Mistress…the former wife of the Sith Lord who through Sith Magic made herself not age at all in the decades after he was frozen.

    The Sith Lord gets angry wanting to strangle his former Sith Mistress who sees her former husband and she blows him a kiss in the most mocking way and says she missed him mockingly.

    The Sith Lord finds him and Morgan Freeman are chained up unable to move further.

    The Sith Mistress monologues a bit like all bad guys do in movies then the Sith Lord asks why his former Sith wife betrayed him and who was this New Apprentice of hers?

    From there the Sith Mistress tells her new apprentice to take off his helmet and the Sith Lord and Morgan Freeman are both shocked to find out that the new apprentice bares a bit of a resemblance to the Sith Lord and the Sith Mistress.

    It is then revealed that the New Apprentice is the son of both the Sith Lord and the Sith Mistress. The Sith Mistress saw her visions into the future seeing her unborn son becoming more powerful than her husband one day then decides to freeze her husband in Carbonite and replace him with her child who would surpass him one day.

    The son of the Sith Lord is almost about the same biological age as his father.

    From there things look bad for the Sith Lord and Morgan Freeman when out of nowhere two random troopers start shooting at the Sith Mistress and her son.

    These two random troopers take off their helmets and are revealed to be Bruce Willis and his Echani daughter who rescue the Sith Lord and Morgan Freeman.

    The four then run to Bruce Willis’ ship, and Bruce does some cool Mando stuff then blows up a bunch of things.

    Then the Sith Lord and Morgan Freeman along with their party after running down a bunch of corridors almost near the hangar encounter the Sith Lord’s son.

    Morgan Freeman tries to be diplomatic with the son of the Sith Lord but the young man refuses and attacks Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman puts up a good fight but gets severely injured and the Sith Lord’s son then force chokes both Mandos as the Sith Lord watches helplessly.

    The Sith Lord doesn’t know what to do with all that has happened like finding out that his replacement as Sith Lord is his own child?

    The Sith Lord doesn’t like the idea of having to fight his own son but seeing how his sort of friends are in deep trouble convinces himself to fight his son who then lets go of the Mandos.

    There is an epic lightsaber fight between father and son, the Sith Lord tries to convince his son to leave his mother and join him instead and his son refuses then the battle ends in some stuff falls down on his son then the Sith Lord, Morgan Freeman and the Mandos escape.

    Then from there the Sith Lord along with his party return to the Jedi planet where the Sith Lord decides to learn the ways of the Jedi as a Padawan and Morgan Freeman becomes his Jedi Master who will teach him.

    And the 2 mandos will stick around and help the Sith Lord now turned Jedi.

    Then there will 2 more movies that follows this cast of characters.

    My Star Wars movie would be set 9000 years after Episode 6 and is so set so far into the future that I can’t possible be able to bring any of the old trilogy characters into my movie or movies because they would’ve been dead for the past 9000 years and there is no logical way that I can use any of them unless they are from a very very long lived species.

    9000 years into the future would mean that I get more creative freedom to tell my own Star Wars story my way without walking or stepping on any other creators of Star Wars like George Lucas, Dave Filoni or Jon Favereau.

    So the 9000 years gap would prevent me from messing with the great work that great people who worked in Star Wars before me did unlike what Kathleen Kennedy did when she did the Sequel Trilogy.

    I love the Original and Prequel Star Wars Trilogies and love them both so much that I don’t want to touch them at all for fear that I might accidentally break something like doing something that causes conflict in canon like what Evil Aunt Kathy did so many many times like making the Force female.

    By me setting my Star Wars 9000 years into the future I get to play in the Star Wars playground that George Lucas built but at the same time I can start from scratch and do what I want with the franchise without invading his or anyone’s territory.

    I only hope I would add new stuff in that could become official canon later rather than take away from it or contradict it.

    My Star Wars wouldn’t have any connections with the old Star Wars but give a brief mention here and there but also give a nod here and there to expanded lore also like Knights of the Old Republic or Force Unleashed.

    I am more a causal Star Wars fan who doesn’t know everything about Star Wars, I will admit as I only know the 6 movies, Clone Wars TV show, a few novels, both Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 along with SWTOR and the Force Unleashed Games and a few comics here and there….so nothing significant unlike most other Star Wars fans like say Ryan Kinel.

    I want my Star Wars movie or trilogy to be done in a way that people who haven’t seen any of the previous Star Wars movies before can come in for the first time and enjoy the movie without knowing anything about Star Wars from before.

    I also want people who have seen the previous Star Wars before could enjoy this movie of mine too and not look at it as me destroying their childhoods or messing with the canon of the lore and see this as maybe not their Star Wars be is still part of the canon.

    I consider my Star Wats movie to my an anthology trilogy that is completely separate from all the previous Star Wars stuff that hopefully adds to the mythology of Star Wars rather than takes away or contradicts.

    And I want to get the script done then have George Lucas himself read it then tell me what he thinks and what I should change or include to make it more authentic?

    Tell me what you think guys?


    Better plot synopsys than the rat franchise

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