If PS5 is 699$ US. What’s the perfect price point for the Xbox series???

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    It use to be a tradition for me to get a console during the holiday season that they launched, but after the PS2 came out, I stopped doing that. I waited until the PS2 slim version came out before I got it and it was a lot cheaper. I did that with the XBox 360 (well, I waited until the Star Wars edition came out), waited until the PS3 and the XBox One both dropped in price. So whatever price the next gen Xbox comes out at, I’ll end up waiting until the price drops, there is a big sale, etc. My guess though, it’ll be in the $399 to $499 range upon release and then either go up or down depending on which variations come out (special themes, hard drive sizes, etc)


    I’d imagine the Xbox Series S will be $399 and the Series X will be $499. I suspect that the wait on the price reveal might indicate a launch delay to 2021 and because of current “world events,” that isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Anything above $550 is insane and I’m not sure the economy could handle that right now. Though by November, who knows? It’s just really bad timing with this whole year being what it has been. It’s going to have to be somewhat moderately priced because Microsoft is already on shaky grounds with the Xbox One. And without Halo Infinite at launch, anything above $500 will be a tough sell without strong first party software.

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    I have so many damn games in my backlog right now that I would honestly have no issue whatsoever with both Sony and Microsoft delaying their next gen consoles to 2021.


    Xbox have already lost money on this console,  I would probably settle on $499.


    The payment plan option is SUPER interesting.


    If PC gaming has the biggest up front cost- $35 a month for  a series X + Game Pass beats any price Sony is going to come up with.


    When the PS3 released in Australia it cost a thousand bucks. I was in Japan and they were selling PS3s in different colors there for $250. It depends on how stupid/desperate the market is in your region. Importing anything into Australia costs a fortune because we’re very distant and a tiny market, and there isn’t much that you can do here besides playing games.

    These days also with many consumers the higher the price the better because a high cost is like a status symbol, so if something costs $649 and another thing costs $699 people will more likely buy the slightly more expensive thing to feel more prestigious. And by now many people have pretty much decided whether they’re a Microsoft fanboy or a Sony fanboy.


      If I buy a series X I would use the Payment plan as it makes more sense.


      Anyone here have one?

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