If Superheroes existed what Comic Universe would we be like?

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    I always wondered…what if Superheroes existed in our real life and they walked amongst us. What comic book universe would our universe be like if superheroes existed in our real life…Marvel Universe, DC Universe, TMNT Universe, Image Universe, Spawn Universe, Watchmen Universe, Power Rangers Universe, Ultraman Universe, Jupiter’s Legacy Universe, Transformers Universe, He-Man Universe or Invincible Universe?

    Which superhero comic book universe would we be like if Superheroes existed in our real universe and what are your reasons for picking that universe?


    Realistically, I would have to say… (and I hate to say it), Marvel.

    With the whole mutant registration act story arc and the civil war story arc (where every super-powered individual has to reveal their identity), and the average citizens distrust of these “super-powered” individuals, is why.

    Government crack downs, control and removal as a potential threat (“national security”), etc.


    But for reading enjoyment, I am all DC, BTW.



    I agree with you that our world would be more like Marvel as Stan Lee did intend his superheroes yo be more relatable than the DC ones, but then again Batman as a character could still exist even in a Marvel type universe because Batman isn’t supernatural.


    By that logic, then thr My Hero Academia universe would make more sense:

    Every citizen gets their Quirk (superpower) registeres the moment it manifest; Heroes are registered and regulated by the government; institutions like the Xavier School are commonplace and youth are trained to be professional Heroes, instead of being self-taught Vigilantes.


    This is stretching the definition of “comic”, but I think our universe would look like Super.

    Why? because we live in a degenerate mentally ill society, and someone like Frank (a jealous self righteous nut with his heart in the right place) would be the best we could hope for.

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