If we don’t protect our kids, then who is the monster?

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    The progressive train HAS to be stopped.

    This is where it’s going next.

    Like other thought processes such as CRT,  good people, good thinking people, HAVE to band together to put a stop to this nonsense.

    There HAS to be a right and a wrong.



    Stuff like this is part of why I never wans kids, and will never have them. Imo part of the answer to many of our problems is population control. Sure, some may think that sound “bad”, but I don’t. “How can he say a thing like that”. Well, look around, look at the world. People = Problems. More people = More Problems. Less People = Less problems. I fail to see why people complain about “lowering birthing rates”, when imo that’s GREAT news. We need the population cut in HALF. There needs to be incentives for NOT having kids. Tax breaks, etc. Non child people shouldn’t have to pay school taxes either. Anyway…..

    Imo part of the reason idiocy like this is being propagated is because there is just TOO much of everything. The human psyche is not meant to be surround by millions and millions of people continually connected and bombarded by “media”. We now have the complete break down of the human condition right now, and imo it is partly due to over-population. Just too many damn people imo. Stuff like this is going to get worse because the human mind and our culture as a whole has become a  degenerate. We need more people to get “educated” on what is happening and the world around us. The Kyle Rittenhouse fiasco is just an example of how misinformed and mislead people are.

    Rant over. lol


    I disagree. I think having kids and raising with them good values is one of the best things that can be done. Considering that the SJWs likely won’t have many kids (because they’ll either abort them or just that no one wants to make kids with them), it’s best for people to have kids, teach them to think critically and then you’ll have a whole generation of people who stand up to the BS. Obviously, having kids isn’t for everyone, and not everyone is cut out to be a parent, but I still believe that we shouldn’t just give up on it


    So we want to tell people again what they can or cannot do with their lives? or body?


    You can spend less time on the internet and watching tv news and spend more time in the outdoors or around town etc, their is far fewer problems you will come to find out when you disconnect from the constant bombardment of the evils and wrongs of the world and learn in reality the problems are very few.

    You want proof of that, Look at all the news outlets, there is maybe 3 to 7 stories that are thrown in your face ALL DAMN DAY LONG 24/7 until a new one replaces one. Those 3 to 7 stories are blasted on social media compounding it. And 90% of them are in big cities and to take it further should only honestly affect that area and really only those involved in the story. It is the MEDIA “including those on social media, also including politicians” that are constantly throwing it out and or up in your face that make so much seem so bad.

    Look at your local news, excluding those top 7 news stories often not from your area, it is just stories from around the area.

    Take the 30 day challenge, stay off Social Media for 30 days, do not turn on the news for 30 days. You need the weather Turn on the weather channel on the 10’s get that or get on the net and get it. You do not need the gossip and toxicity in your life and will find it better and your view of life better getting the toxins out of your life,… Take the challenge, you will then find yourself staying away from it.




    Well said and great point.




    People are not a problem.

    Bad people, uncaring people, selfish people are the problem.


    @Vknid : If the population was cut in half, we would have much less problems across the board. Sure, there are good people. Doesn’t matter. There is still too many people, period. Would you rather have more rural spread out looking places, or a Blade Runner over crowded world? Ya, I’d rather have spread out.

    So, yes. More People = More Problems. Less People = Less problems. It’s a fact.

    : I never said to STOP having kids, I said people need to have less of them to cut the population down.




    So if you truly believe that why have you not jumped off a bridge yet?

    No I am not saying you should or that I want you too I am just making a point.

    People are already having less kids, way less.

    I think you are assuming population growth will continue at light speed to the point  where we are all shoulder to shoulder.  It does not at all work like that.

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