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    What would you guys do if you runned DC and Marvel?


    If I ever run DC or Marvel, I would get the Classics Marvel and DC Comics reprinted. Hire the Comicsgaters, reboot them and make their reboot universes that last reboots, make DC and Marvel function like a Manga Company, and get rid of SJWs, Political Correctness, the “If a character dies, they must come back to life rule” although Jason Todd will be the character that’s going to be revived, etc.


    There was a rumour that both companies might stop producing new comic books.

    Instead, since the demand for back issues is so great, they might must reprint past stories, be them in graphic novels (for complete story arcs), or as a larger omnibus.

    If an offer is right, then they might allow a third party publish new comics (for a fee/license).

    Otherwise, even if they decide to go full digital, they will not make enough revenue to make up for the loss of fans who want the physical comic book.


    DC + Marvel legacy characters verses SJW characters…


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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