Illegal immigrants getting ‘pallets’ of baby formula…

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    Illegal immigrants getting ‘pallets’ of baby formula at detention center while shelves are nearly empty in American stores, US congresswoman declares

    Republican U.S. Rep. Kat Cammack said that “pallets” of baby formula are being delivered to an illegal immigrant detention center in Texas while Americans’ chances of finding formula on supermarket shelves grow more slim by the day.

    Cammack, a Florida lawmaker who was elected in 2020, indicated in a pair of Facebook videos Wednesday that a Border Patrol agent at the Ursula facility in McAllen sent her photos showing pallets of baby formula and other food for infants that had been delivered to the detention center.

    “They are sending pallets — pallets — of baby formula to the border,” Cammack said. “Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula.”


    And lying press secretary jen “circle back-but never does” Psaki is blaming hoarders for the shortage.

    And the “hoarders” is the biden admin, sending pallets to the border instead of allowing it to go to the american consumers.

    The party of death (the dems) are saying to the american mothers, you should NOT have any babies.  Kill it!  We want to replace americans with illegal aliens/non-americans.


    They have to send it… “Flores Case”  Now granted Pallets sound way to much, I would like to know the number of infants on the border…. But Like Trump, Biden has to follow the laws. All Politics and show, not if they could show us Pallets are being sent for only a couple hundreds babies then people need to be fired and possible jailed for fraud.


    This is only speculation, I’ll admit, but one based on the assumption that “There are no coincidences”.

    Although this crisis may have been a problem growing even from a few months ago, it seems like it’s just became more of an issue right all at once, over the last few days. In other words, it’s become a serious issue at a time when the controversy over the Supreme Court’s potential overturn of Roe has become such a heated issue.

    Just seems more than a bit of a coincidence that babies already born are being threatened with a food shortage at the same time that the supposed “right” to kill babies not yet born is being so seriously questioned.


    I hope for the best but I fear this is just the beginning. I fear having to stand in line for a $20 loaf of bread because diesel is $10+ a gallon and is hard to find.

    I think this because I believe the US government not only does not care this is what they want.

    I am honestly not sure what changes this until someone else gets into office.  Maybe the mid-terms will offer some relief I don’t know.

    I don’t really blame Biden solely because he is just a figure head, his administration is what’s doing all the dirty work.  I believe these are mostly the same people from Obama picking up where they left off.

    Again, I pray this stuff changes before it gets worse and people really suffer.


    They are legally required to feed the babies that get smuggled across the border. I know it looks like theres massive amounts, but remember, there are tons of children down there. If you are having a hard time finding Formula, one thing you can do is talk to a doctor, the can prescribe Formula, and you can pick up formula at places like Walgreens and Walmart. Hoarders and resellers cant get their hands on alot of these, so theres a good chance you can get some if you are searching. Now i am angry their are shortages, and it looks like they knew it was going to happen. (oversea contracts and such) However i like to provide a solution when i talk about an issue.


    what good is a prescription when the stores have ZERO stock.

    it is not like they HIDE stock in the back just for prescriptions.

    I know just from my regular prescribed medications, that I sometimes can’t get it filled completely because of low stock/outages.


    prescription formula IS kept in the back not on shelves. It is retained for prescriptions only.  its kept in the pharmacy. Your normal meds may be out to due stock of those meds, but just like your not grabbing a bottle of oxy from the shelves your not able to just pick up these cans with out a prescription.

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