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    I understand your frustration with the situation and sometimes also wish for some things to be erased so that conflicts ends. However that is not the case in our world and for us as humans, because we are imperfect beings and that’s why we make mistakes, to learn from then and hopefully to grow and become better. That is something that everybody of us individually has to overcome and not as a group, because we are still our own individuals with own interests. The following generations that will come after us will make mistakes, even if we leave them all of our experiences, because some of them will maybe not learn everything, some may misunderstand due to various reasons, some may just wanna use it for their own selfishness (which is the worst) and some may just have to learn it the hard way through experiencing it. Even our current generations are making faults due to the above or other reasons.


    The reasons why we are now going through so much shit, to me has probably do with the following things: Too much comfort in people’s life’s causing us to not care or think critically about the things around us, being spoiled (kinda similar to previous one) and taking things for granted, greediness (like you said) wanting too much and without thinking about the consequences for others and surroundings, bored in life (heard this somewhere before maybe from a Timcast IRL show?) having too great of life and not have any drama (for some strange reasons people like drama), Social media being one of the worst and having manipulative capabilities for some to exploit, being taught the wrong things in schools, being driving through popularity and trends all to belong somewhere (social media a big cause of that), not knowing responsibility, humility and common sense due to poor teaches and spoiledness, being overemotional (like the previous one). And there are still many more that I can’t name right now.


    Going back to your point about that people maybe shouldn’t be taught history, because of said reasons: “I think is not the right way” it is essentially CENSORING! People just need to be taught once more about the basic principles of having responsibility, common sense, humility, gratefulness and others I at the moment cannot name up. Ultimately making faults will still happen with every humans. Now and in the future. It’s all part of life and hoping that you make through it in the end and looking back and hoping you haven’t left a lot of shit behind for others.


    The root cause of what you are talking about is not historical knowledge, it is having people willing to use it for their own agenda.

    This is no different than blaming guns for murders. The problem is not the murder implement chosen it is the fact you have someone willing to harm someone else. Whether they use a gun or a claw hammer makes little difference in that vein.


    The new king of bad takes has yet another one.


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