In light of recent events, do you think guns will be banned in the UK now?

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    For those who are not aware (it’s all over the news) , a nut in England who literally convinced himself that he’s the terminator just killed 5 people (including his parents,  a 3 year old girl and her dad and pedestrians) with his shotgun, he was clearly sick both mentally and physically and most likely was on drugs, now the “usual suspects” have come out of their caves, the ban all guns/ gun owners have small dicks crowd is taking advantage of this tragedy, and the feminists are writing as we speak on twitter on how this is a  textbook example of why we men are especially evil (while they almost certainly would say nothing about another Brit, a woman who killed her 5 year old daughter for interrupting sex  she was having with her boyfriend).

    Clearly these events are part of the problem with the west’s ongoing cultural decline (in terms of peoples way of thinking and behaviour), everyone has forgotten that  it isn’t normal to that the world has reached a point where people are demanding a total gun ban in order to feel safe and see gun owners are predators out to get them, after all, shotguns could previously be brought without a background check in the UK until the late 60s and there was no events like this back then , most countries until fairly recently were gun countries, contrary to propaganda that guns were always a “crazy yank” thing, but as usual, the cultural changes that have damaged society drugs, (anti) social media, feminism (which has nothing to do with equality) and other types of astro turfed sectarianism, nihilism etc. will never be addressed, society is going to blame the guns and hate the men for a long time until people finally learn the hard way that complaining about those two things will solve nothing, I am very certain about that with little doubt.

    What I am NOT certain of is if guns will continue to be owned in Britain or if they will be banned, ether in by banning shooting sports entirely or forcing everyone to store them at clubs (in which case the guns are no longer owned by the owner, but by the club) like in Korea, I know it sounds cheap and petty for me  to sound concerned about British gun ownership when something as serious as 5 innocent people losing their lives has  happened, but I think that whatever happens in the UK surrounding gun ownership will have a lasting influence on geopolitics, making it a worthy discussion.

    I believe it could go in one of two directions:

    1. Guns will be banned in the UK, becoming the first Commonwealth country,  English speaking country, and non former Soviet block European country, to ban guns, to set an example to the world of how guns have no place in a civilized society (even though we are becoming a less civilized society), and make false equivalences to how “Britain lead the way in progress by banning slavery all those years ago”, with the hope that it will encourage other countries to do the same.

    2. Guns will not be banned (perhaps with pump actions becoming the scapegoat that will be banned), because the DNC International controlled UK politicians would be worried that it would “prove the gun nuts right”, that gun control IS a incremental stepping stone to banning guns, and that they ARE coming for your guns and that once “assault weapons” are gone and another shooting happens with a less COD looking gun, they will demand the remaining guns be banned, the last thing they would want would be second amendment protestors reminding us what happened in England after they DNC International always upheld England (along with my country Australia) as a model for US gun laws, hell it might even mobilize the fudds who think that their grandpa’s revolver and double barrelled shotgun is untouchable.

    How do you think it would turn out?

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