“inclusion” and “representation” are inherently racist/sexist

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      To me the very thought process of representation and inclusion in movies and TV is the absolute height of racism and stereotyping.

      You are essentially saying that based solely on surface attributes that these classes of folks HAVE to identify with one another and think a like.

      How racist is that? For example.

      Harvey Weinstein is a white guy.  I am a white guy.  Do I identify with a scummy Hollywood rapist?  No!

      I am sure we could ask an endless amount of people the same race, sex or whatever as them and ask if they identify with that person and I am sure much of the time the answer would be no.

      Clearly there has to be equality of opportunity but to assume an entire race/gender etc identifies with someone based on 1 characteristic to me is purely insane and absolutely racist/sexist.

      As I see it, true diversity can ONLY be organic.  Anything else is racist/sexist.

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        True diversity is not giving two fucks about anything other than the person is a person.


        I take people for who they are, not the color of their skin, not the sexual preference, not their religion and certainly not their taste in music or tv/movies. I take them for how they treat me and others.


        More people do the same thing, it is a very vocal minority who are the ones sewing the Hate in this world and nation and make no mistakes about it. It is not Racial or Sexist anything, it is pure evil Hate and those that follow the cult of Hate are pitiful little people. Hate that is what this is pure hate and its pure because they have no idea how to be any different.


        They cannot argue or debate things, to them if you have a different “Anything” than them, you are to be hated. That is why I am glad I have the friends I do, we can debate and argue, discuss and investigate together and if we cannot agree we look for the middle ground. Hell you want proof of that look at some of the stream Roas and I have had, completely different in opinions on some things and passionately debate them, yet my god we are still friends and I am sure we will have more of them, as do many of his guest…. It is how life use to be until this cult of Hate came along.


        I love when someone calls me a Racist, I do not need to answer them as I know better and people who know me in person would and have laughed when they find out.

        I love when people say I am homophobic, Same reason as above.


        Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me….

        P.S. you better bring something else other than sticks and stones to a fight with me :)


        So Piss on them, I got no time for people full of hate, they only bring you down and I have no time for being brought down in life. I want to cry I can always watch Where the Red Fern Grows or Old Yeller.


          The word Diversity is just another term to use for pressing a singular agenda. That’s how Politically Correctness works.


            I think all of us here are old enough to remember Bill Clinton as president. It was in that timeframe political correctness was introduced as far as I know.  I honestly believe the Clinton camp took Marxism, and rebranded it political correctness for the purposes of labelling opponents as racist or sexist. It worked so well they have expanded it over and over again.  I also noticed that it went fairly dormant for a few years post Bill Clinton and came back with a vengeance with Hillary.  I do not at all think that was a coincidence.  And now political correctness married the Democrat party and their babies are diversity, inclusion and equity.

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