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    I know there are good traditionally published books, but has anyone read any indie books where they got done and they were like, “damn”

    (Preferably not the indie titles that blew up, and I know there are some writers on the site, but I would prefer ones you read and liked rather than your own)



    “What Price Gory?”- Terry M. West

    “Murder in Absentia”- Assaph Mehr

    “Wisconsin Vamp”- Scott Burtness

    “Exiled”- Gary Owton


    Currently reading Sunsworn: Edge of Destruction by Red Gaze Studios.  It’s a Indiegogo funded novel that Red Gaze is hoping to become something bigger.  While the campaign is currently closed, Red Gaze already has a Sunsworn comic he’ll be launching in the near future and is currently working on the next full novel.  This book is 535 pages long and that’s not including the first chapter of the next book AND a thank you to all the backers.  Notable backers include Lethal Lighting, Drunk3p0 and Ethan van Sciver!  Hopefully he’ll re-release Edge of Destruction for more people to enjoy.  If you’re looking for an alternative space opera that DOESN’T have sentient rocks for characters, Sunsworn might be up your alley.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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