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    Here is my 2021 inktober alternative hocktober. Since the season starts tomorrow I decided to finally post it.

    12th Teams mascot

    !3th Zamboni

    14th affiliates mascot

    15th what does your mascot look like after losing to a divisional rival

    16th how did your mascot hot rod the team Zamboni to prepare for the rival rematch

    17th What does your jack-o-lantern goalie look like

    18 How does your rivals mascot look like after losing to you

    19-22 take your choice between 15-18 for another division rival

    23rd what the Winter classic might look like in your barn.

    24th what does your mascot look like after losing to a

    25th how did your mascot hot rod the team Zamboni to prepare for the rival rematch

    26th how does your team host the NHL All Stars

    27th what does your mascot look like after losing to a conference rival

    28th how did your mascot hot rod the team Zamboni to prepare for the rival rematch

    29th how did your mascot prepare the hot rod the team Zamboni for the Cup

    30th what does your mascot look like after the Stanley Cup

    31st how does your mascot and his hot rod Zamboni prepare fore next season

    Would love to hear suggestions and if anyone does some art post a link.


    Hocktober is a great name. You should trademark it. It should be yours. I did not know about Inktober.

    Inktober. Jake Parker created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.

    Here’s one someone did for “cold.” There person is skating on ice.





    Good ideas and suggestions, but can’t let a sweet thread title like this go to waste.




    I am too late to your thread. Will try to find valid things, but will keep it mostly to Inktober topic after that.

    NHL Playoffs Mascot Art by Eric Poole

    Since you are a Sharks ban, but the artist has a bunch of work.





    I want to post mainly Inktober stuff, so I will, but there are other art versions of hockey mascots that the guy did, so will post those later.









    Thanks guys. All are welcome. My main idea was todo this all season but I decide to shorten for October (I mean Sharktober)

    I’ll see about uploading a couple more of theses later.


    Hope you don’t mind if I include actual Inktober stuff in here? We’ll see.

    Definitely like the hockey mascot art. Reminds me of TMNT characters. White Buffalo. Buffalo Sabers




    I intend on posting Inktober stuff, but one thing I’ll say is that the art from the hockey world is top.
    They do a great job on designs.






    hoctober1 1

    I’m a fan of creative commons as long as person isn’t taking credit for some one elses work all are welcome.


    I like that you do your own stuff. Nothing that I post will be my own. Biggest art fan in the world, but never got into it myself. One time, I listened to Rob Liefeld tell the story of how he and his friends tried each drawing Chewbacca and everyone’s looked rough but his was excellent. Since he had such a natural aptitude, he pursued it because he saw how much better he was at it than the average person.  Growing up, I used to see the ad in comics all the time of a reverse projector device. You point it at an object and it projects the image on your paper, and you then, trace over it and draw the object. This was decades ago in older comics. Smart people back then.




    Came across one of The Punisher playing hockey. There are so many amazing artists out there that never really get any recognition. That’s why I envy people with their own vision of story-telling and story-boarding.









    A question for those who aren’t artists. Do you think that you can’t draw and/or think others drew better than you so whats the point?


    I like that you draw yourself. I admire the conviction. Tim Lim made it big in Indie comics at Iconic Comics. He is super professional. He said he has no experience and did some interesting things including simply collecting pictures that he wanted to emulate. He has a manga style. It’s a regret that I have. Even if I just got into the habit of tracing for 30 minutes a day since like 3rd grade, it would have been a good idea.

    What’s the point of what? Posting graphics for Inktober? The point would just be to recognize Inktober for what it is and to maybe find unrecognized artists with talent. I always liked the rough sketches in books. Happy Potter comes to mind. Just little images.

    Not my sketch, but in your honor, I named it HoctoBear.




    Thank you, I really like the idea your posts could be some prompts that might help inspire somebody.

    I was just trying to understand why someone might not draw. To me it seams that a lot of people think they can write a story, while they may have a story not everyone needs to be a writer, but  I do believe anyone can draw. The trick is to get those letters out between the lines think of them more as shapes. then you look for those familiar shapes in what it is your trying to draw and put together your art. then clean up the lines and add the details.

    I welcome your thoughts to help with this idea.


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