Is Area 51 a red herring?

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    A few years ago when I heard about the Raid Area 51 event that a bunch of people actually went to and a few people actually got arrested for attempting to run in, I had thought about Area 51 and how it makes no sense to me that even if the US Military actually had aliens locked up somewhere that they would have it at Area 51 which has been in pop culture and been in the public eye being talked about endless from movies to TV to documentaries for decades.

    Why would the US Military hide all their top secret stuff that might include aliens at Area 51 which keeps getting talked about by everyone for the past 70 years?

    To me it makes more sense that the US military would let the media say Area 51 has aliens and other crazy stuff there to keep the general public transfixed to that location that has normal planes and other mundane stuff like that as a red herring while all their top secret alien stuff is hidden in another place we wouldn’t even suspect has alien stuff there like underneath a Starbucks in Ohio or something?

    And then it possible that the US military within those 70 years would be smart enough to move all the alien stuff around to different places from under a Starbucks to a random Catholic Highschool, to a Weight Watchers and even partner up with a private sector company to use outside funds to further keep their alien stuff secret from the general public.

    What do you guys think?


    I don’t believe in aliens so I don’t think they store aliens for some weird reason, I think that’s just simply a weird theory/urban myth that has oicked up some traction and some people have started to actually believe in it. I simply think they hide some military equipment and weapons that they don’t wanna show off to the enemies of America, so that the kinda have an ace in the hole if shit hits the fan.


    I don’t believe aliens visited planet earth yet, because I never saw any decent real proof of it. But it’s a topic that I have a huge interest in.

    Actually, if it’s not a bother, could we make a list of the best alien/ufos/area 51 documentaries?

    Post here your suggestions. I watched a few, but I would like to watch more.



    We just have to storm it by Naruto running in there, their bullets can’t hit all of us.


    Boomers: The government is keeping secrets from us but let’s not draw the attention of the feds.
    Gen Z: We shouldn’t get involved, aliens aren’t real anyway.

    Suicidal Millennials:



    @FallenOmegaStar Wow my generation is so stupid, also what about Gen X, you forgot to mention what Gen X thinks about the Raid Area 51 stuff.


    Area 51 is a Base for final testing.

    It is not where Alien-Tech is kept. Nor is it were Alien-tech is tested or implemented. You have to understand how many spy-satellites are focused on it every second of the day just to catch a glimpse of what out Military is about to put out.

    Alien-tech, if there is some or our most Classified Projects are Created in some of the most populated places in the Nation around Populations. The perfect example of this is “Skunk Works”.

    Spying on a place in a populated area is much more difficult as many people come and go, pass by, visit etc. It also affords for covert security and counter security operation to protect those secrets without raising the eyebrows of even the most aggressor nations spies.

    The old saying of “if you want to hide something, hide it in plain sight” is not just a saying.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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