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    Is BvS a good?


    It could have been much better.

    They made the “world’s greatest detective” sound more like Lex Luther of the comics and his view on alien-superman, than the what made Batman… Batman.


    They completely destroyed “Doomsday”.  It looked/acted more like The Abomination from The Incredible Hulk (2008) than the villain of the DC Comics.


    It does have its moments “She is with you? … I thought she was with you?”

    But it has too many of the other “Martha!”


    As a stand along, it is OK.

    But as part of the larger DCEU, it just proves they need one person on top overseeing all the DCEU products.


    It’s OKAY. Definitely not what it should have been. Batman and Superman were pretty much cucked. While it’s easy to understand Batman’s decision to prepare for Superman to go bad, I didn’t quite understand the conflict between them in the movie. Really not the best story, but if you’re looking for a mindless, popcorn munching, candy flick, it’s aight. Especially since it doesn’t have that weirdo Flash actor in it for more than a few seconds.


    Someone with a big set of balls to say no to the sjw mob.


    The cast of Batman VS Superman is good.

    Ben Affleck did awesome job playing Batman & Bruce Wayne. I feel Ben Affleck play very good old Batman & old Bruce Wayne .

    Henry Cavill did awesome job Superman .He did a good as Clark Kent .Amy Adams did a good job as Lois Lane. The Story of Batman VS Sunday was not very good.

    Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor was very creepy. Jesse Eisenberg was Lex Luthor worst parts of the movie.


      The pace of the movie’s pretty slow

      I actually found Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor entertaining, he was completely nuts


      I absolutely LOVE Batman V Superman!

      ESPECIALLY the Ultimate Cut.

      The warehouse fight scene is just so bad ass and the best depiction of Batman fighting on screen.


      I think the film is a masterpiece and definitely a welcome change of pace from the more kid-friendly theme park capemovies we see these days.




        I said it before another thread but I’ll post it here again:

        Batman v Superman I sort of wanted to like, but couldn’t. I could appreciate some plot points, but there was just far too much they were trying to cram into one film. It felt like the screen writers were halfway through a “Man of Steel 2” plot, then suddenly film executives turned up with mountains of cash, dumped it at their front door, said “Change of plans: You gotta use all of the characters right the fuck now so we can compete with Marvel.” and then drove off before any of them had the chance to say, “…Actually, we’d rather not.” The result was a film that overwhelmed and confused everyone. If you rework it to just be about Superman and Lex Luthor I think it would’ve been better received.

        I admit to not seeing the extended cut. People say it’s a lot better so I might give it a whirl, one day. I didn’t hate it, but I could understand why people did.


        Subjectively, I enjoyed it. Objectively, it’s full of stupid-ass decisions when it comes to the story.

        1.- Jimmy Olsen and Mercy Graves are important secondary characters in the Superman storyline, and this movie killed them off after a ridiculously small amount of scenes.

        2.- The way they chose to adapt Lex Luthor was very off-putting and cringe. Not their best idea.

        3.- Batfleck does have the look and aura of the original Batman, but he really lacks his investigation prowess, which is a very big part of his character.

        Those, and a few other reasons.

        Something that I really liked was Senator Finch. Usually in superhero movies and comics, politicians tend to be the archetypical corrupt, anti-superhuman bigot who tries to jeopardize a peaceful correlation between superhumans and normal humans, or makes deals with crime organizations to get rid of the former. Senator Finch is a rather neutral character who understands that Superman means well, but worries about the possibility of him putting a toe out of line and bring unintentional negative consequences upon the world. That (to me at least) is a bit of fresh air in superhero media.


          No.  It was not good.  It wasn’t TLJ or the Rise of Skywalker bad, but really it wasn’t all that good.  They could have done a lot better and made it a lot better.




          In my opinion, it was not a masterpiece but it wasn’t bad either. As a batman fan I enjoyed it, has some very cool scenes and that’s why I bought the bluray, once in a while I re-watch it. But then it also has some annoying scenes, specially the ones with Jesse Eisenberg (I really didn’t like him as Lex… something was off).

          I also enjoyed Justice League, basically it’s in the same situation (not a masterpiece and not bad). But instead of Lex, here it was the flash i found annoying… tries too hard to be funny ;S lol


          It was garbage. Batman as alright, but for me there’s nothing that can save Superman, not even the amazing Henry Cavill.

          Superman is just so fucking lame, he’s a flying dude who shoots beams. No imagination. The most overused and dull superhero concept.

          And there was some major SJW moments. Like Wonder Woman is a woman, she can’t be that strong! Snd everytime she interacts with Bruce, he gets the short end of the stick and she walks away as Bruce stands there looking like an idiot

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