Is Din Dijarin (Mando) Masculine

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    Asking cause Drunk3P0 missed my super chat. If you didn’t catch the stream him, theory, and Jeremy were talking about the absence of masculine men in Hollywood media compared to the 80s action hero’s. I was asking if Mando fits the pattern in Star Wars? In some cases yes, in other cases he’s kind of passive. I think the fact he asks for help isn’t a sighn of weakness. We all need to ask for help sometimes.


    I think he doesn’t have enough of a personality to tell how masculine he is.

    Let me throw this back at you, do you think he would be a good role model?


    Yes, Mando is masculine, this argument’s been brought up ages ago in the Baby Yoda thread

    do you think he would be a good role model?

    , in some aspects he is, in others he’s not, he’s definitely not the greatest babysitter, even though he cares about Baby Yoda and would do anything to protect him, that makes him a good person, but he lacks both experiance and responsibility on how to look after a child, still, he does the best he can, and this has nothing to do with whether you’re a man or a woman

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    But what features make Mando masculine?
    He closer to a Droid than a human at this point.
    The declaration that he cares for Grogu was a bit pushed and unconvincing in my opinion.


    You are talking about two kinds of masculinity and lumping them together as one. Is Mando the same type of masculine as Stallone or Schwarzenegger like Theory was talking about? I would say no, but then again neither is Luke. I don’t think anyone would say Luke isn’t masculine and I put Mando in the same category here.

    I think you’re seeing Mando as a droid more than a person because of how rarely we see him without his helmet. Human emotion is a way we connect to characters and a lot of that emotion comes from facial expressions. Look for that to change when season 3 comes out now that he’s more comfortable taking the helmet off.

    Not sure how him caring for Grogu was unconvincing. He has literally been Mando’s top priority since episode 3 of season 1 when he rescued Grogu from the Client. You’re saying he can go through two complete seasons protecting Grogu and still not care about him at all?


    Just for the record, I’m not saying he’s effeminate or anything. What I’m trying to say is that Mando could be either a man or a woman. I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing the show, I actually like quite few episodes, but a weakness of the show (in my opinion) is the lack of chemistry between all the characters.

    Mando went from wanting to give Grogu to Ahsoka or any Jedi, to ‘Grogu is the most important thing in the world’ in the following episode. It’s a bit too much of a change in a small amount of time.


    As DigiCat said, there is a discussion on this in the Baby Yoda topic, but I personally think that you can see his masculinity in his interactions with Grogu. Yes, he takes a baby under his wing, yet he does in a very masculine, and fatherly, way. You never see him feeding Grogu or holding him in his arms like a woman probably would. Instead, he at times tells Grogu what he can’t do, and, of course, steps in when his life is in danger. The protection role he plays in Grogu’s life is a masculine trait. Believe me, Mando would be acting very differently in the show around Grogu if he were a woman.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you are referring to the “he means more to me than you will ever know” line in chapter 15. Mando didn’t really say that as much as he was just quoting what Moff Gideon told him in chapter 7. The whole message he sent Gideon was the exact same lines. All Mando ever wanted to do was just protect Grogu from harm.


    Those are pretty good points, thanks for giving me something to think about.

    And thanks for pointing out the quote in chapter 15 I completely missed that


    he is masculine in the sense that he is a man, but as far as being pure alfa male like Stallone or Schwarzenegger was in their movies back in the day, mando isnt comparable, but that type of thing doesn’t fit in star wars anyway, but there are other movies that have full on alpha male masculine characters, like dom, hobbs,and shaw from fast and furious movies, or if you look at the riddick films

    i didnt see the stream your talking about, but looking at your post again “the absence of masculine men in Hollywood media compared to the 80s action hero’s” it dawned on me that Jeremy might have not been talking just about characters in movies, but also the real actors, in which case i cant think of any true masculine man active in hollywood today off the top of my head, i mean most of them you can find a picture of them wearing a dress these days, or doing something else questionable irl or in other films

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