Is Discord worth getting?

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    So I was thinking about this for some time and I was wondering….should I give Discord another try as a way of connecting with the Geeks and Gamers and Fandom Menace community. Cause I have had a history of downloading Discord, creating an account, then deleting my account, downloading Discord again, creating a new account again, then deleting the new account.

    The first time I downloaded Discord it was to talk to a friend in real life that I currently am not friends with anymore. What happened was that I joined a bunch of communities then out of the blue I get a message that some random person tried to hack into my discord account. Then I out of fear as I an Ancient which is like a Boomer but even more scared or new technology…I deleted my Discord account.

    Then sometime later I decided to give Discord another chance then I heard about this thing called 2 Step Authentication which protects my account and the second time my Discord had no problems, heck I even joined the Geeks and Gamers community there but I got very little interaction with people there which got boring after awhile, heck I even tried to start a conversation with Jeremy Prime himself and he never responded back to me then I began hearing about censorship all throughout social media and the internet then I decided to delete my second chance Discord account.

    Then I decided to join this Geeks and Gamers online community here and I keep hearing about your Discord community here and how it is fun but now I hear Discord changed it’s rules like you need to pay to talk, Discord is now only on computers and not mobile devices and with Bill C-10 rearing it’s ugly mother fucking head in Canada that is gonna fuck with all Social Media that might and will include Discord……I am scared shitless should I even consider redownloading the app in some form or another if I was to want to interact with the Geeks and Gamers community in say SWTOR.

    Cause censorship in Canada scares me enough as a Canadian but I don’t know if I can even trust Discord to keep my conversations with people private, what I type private or who I will vote for private?

    Cause Discord is Big Tech whether it admits it or not and things in Canada are nuts enough right now with the moron incharge and the morons under him in charge.

    Heck I distrust Big Tech so much I ended up using Duck Duck Go and Brave for browsing and watching Youtube videos to be a bit more private, and Discord isn’t exactly these two things.

    What should I do?


    Jeremy is on Discord more then he was in the past but he is still not on a lot compared to others. So the the fact that he did not respond is not surprising. If you want another way to connect with people and they are on discord then yes you should be on discord if not then it would only be a handy way to get announcements like when a new video went up.


    Discord serves a single purpose for me.


    Gotta have voice chat for raiding. Discord is what there is now, so I use when I have to. My guild has a server. Hell, I have my own section in it called Roas’ Grumpy House. I don’t own it, my friend does, and when we’re all active, we use it. Otherwise, it’s just there until we need it.



    Depends on what you want to get out of it.
    To me its about talking to people and having fun conversations. Not a lot of people in the G&G Main chat, but good conversations and some damn funny ones. All in All its a like sitting at a Bar and talking to people. Beware Clyde-bot he is the fun police.


    I joined it for my painting minis obsession. The company I buy nearly everything from does quarterly contests based on the number of figures you finish.

    Then a PC game I play has some mods that have DC pages so if I run into bugs I can talk directly to the author & other players.



    Who is Clyde-bot is he some kind of SJW?


    I don’t know can I trust Discord of they are gonna pull shit like this?


    Its a bot that is seriously twisted. Nothing to worry about

    As to getting it,,, up to you, no one can make you or tell you whats right for you. to me its about talking to people…If you are worried about bullies, Siobhan is normally around and I doubt she would allow anyone to bully anyone… But disagreements and debates will happen and you can participate or not your choice. As to censorship, Not really ive seen other than a few pictures caught by the afore mentioned Bot…. they were not porn either. Bot dont like Keith Richard or is afraid of him lol


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    If I was to join the Geeks and Gamers Discord it is gonna be as free speech here on this website or will it be under woke rules that’ll get you banned easily?


    What do you mean “woke rules”?




    Woke rules like I can’t talk bad about the guy running the country North of the USA who loves painting his face black or I’ll get banned. Or I can’t tell a beautiful woman on discord she is beautiful along with attractive unless I want to get banned.

    Stuff like that which we see getting people banned on a regular basis on Twitter and Facebook, those woke rules


    Well, Not that I have seen, but hey its possible anyplace I suppose. Not sure I would be telling people on the Net they are Beautiful etc, many might take it as creepy or stalkerish, that’s not even SJW though, its just something you do not put on the net unless you are really good friends with the person or holding a private conversation. Common Sense stuff, as a husband, boyfriend seeing it could cause problems in the relationship.



    Then I have alot to learn about socializing then online and offline, having Aspergers I seem to born without proper understanding of social situations.


    Meh, its simple, be as neutral as your can with people you do not know. You wouldnt walk up to some girl on the street and tell her she is Hot or Beautiful you didnt know. That could get you slapped, told to F-O or knocked out by a boyfriend / husband or girlfriend. This aint even SJW, heck in the 80’s you didnt do it, do it back then you were really likely to get decked or laid depending on the girl. Just wasnt worth it. Now with sexual harassment and the “me too” group, ya screw that. If i know someone and they look nice I still wont, and I am happily married and my wife wouldnt care, but the other person you never know.



    But what if the person who says these things doesn’t know or understand certain social skills like it isn’t natural for them as their brain isn’t wired like most other people and has autism or Aspergers? Is it not a human right to lack social understanding, cause to me and others like me our lack of social understanding is our diversity.

    So the person doing the slapping or Metoo thing is a bigot in a way as they don’t try to see things from the other person saying these things point of view. What if they ended up slapping or punching a mildly autistic guy who didn’t understand how to properly talk or approach a woman? Or what if they metoo a guy with autism who had a hard enough time getting a job due to his condition but now with the accusation they lose the basic human right to make money for themselves.

    How would that person who did the slapping feel afterward that they hurt an autistic or mildly autistic person just by jumping to conclusions without first seeing everything from all perspectives?

    I think in this day and age seeing different perspectives for both people along with forgiveness especially if the person has some kind of condition is that makes them strange is the best key to have peaceful coexistence.

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