Is EVS this generation’s Stan Lee?

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    I had always wanted to ask this but is Ethan Van Sciver this generation’s version of Stan Lee? Back in Stan Lee’s day, Stan had to fight alot of crazy people too, just to get Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-Men and the Hulk made. Stan had to fight the Comics’ rating code thing which was the censorship of comic books back then and the actual racism of the 1960s.

    Where as now Ethan is fighting against comic book woke censorship and he is also fighting bigoted SJWs who are as bad as the racist people in the 1960s.

    Both Stan Lee and Ethan Van Sciver have a very distinctive voice when speaking.

    And both just wanted to tell a good story to give their readers escapism and not a lecture.

    I just keep thinking wouldn’t it be kinda cool if Marvel crashed and burned then EVS somehow got so rich from his sales of Cyberfrog Blood Honey then he used his money from that to buy up all the Marvel superheroes then revived Marvel as something new and not woke. Then in future Marvel movies instead of Stan Lee making a cameo in Marvel movies it was EVS instead?

    Imagine a Spiderman movie where Spiderman is fighting the Scorpion they crash through a bakery where Ethan is buying a pie then he looks at Spiderman and is like “Wow it’s Spiderman and he is fighting that Mortal Kombat character, oh I better get home my pie is getting cold.”

    Also on an unrelated note the first time I heard the name Ethan Van Sciver, I originally thought Ethan was some kind of famous skate boarder like Tony Hawk or something. Ethan Van Sciver to me sounds like the name of a skateboarder more than a comic book artist in my opinion….DON’T TELL ETHAN I SAID THAT ABOUT HIM…..HE MIGHT TRY TO TAKE UP PROFESSIONAL SKATEBOARDING FOR REAL IN AN ATTEMPT TO BE HIP AS HIS MID LIFE CRISIS AND HURT HIMSELF ALONG THE WAY.

    We don’t want to see a robust guy who is almost 50 years old falling off his skateboard trying to do a turnpike and accidentally falling ontop of Tim Pool who is also there skateboarding and starts grasping for air then says “Ethan….fell on……….my beanie can’t…..breathe……….my splean…….aggghhhh”



    Oh heck no. Stan Lee had class and charm. He never attacked, slandered or harassed anyone. EVS is the exact opposite.


    He’s in a position to make a run. He is in the number one spot with the money. He has talent and is a good leader in that he streams with a bunch of other guys and he promotes other projects. In order for EVS to do so, it will take business deals and teamwork. He also has to be good with relationships.

    2 other guys besides Ethan have that potential:

    1 is Chuck Dixon. There is an ad I saw that said help Chuck Dixon build his army. He has more stories than he knows when to do with, but all he needs is money to pay more artists and other talent. I wish more fans would give Chuck five bucks a month or whatever to crank out more material.

    2 is YoungRippa, who is just starting out in comics, but again, he is good as a leader and good in relationships. It depends on how many writers and artists he can lead and manage, but he jams with bands and participates on many panels, so again, like Ethan, I think he is good with a crew.

    It’s going to take that type of person. Those three guys have the potential to access the artists and writers needed for come up with a stable of solid stories and characters. It will hinge upon how good the team works and who the team wants to elevate as the fulcum. EVS, Chuck Dixon and Rippa all have the potential to do it. They have the experience. They know the projects and also, have experience with events. They have been to the ComicCons. One thing GeeksandGamers does well is those independent events. That impresses me a ton.

    I’ll give an honorable mention the Tim Lim, Brett R. Smith and Doug Ernst. Guys that did not let any recent events slow them down or prevent them from putting out books and going to events.

    EVS is the number one contender, but the catch is he’s gonna need more than just CyberFrog to do it. He has Reinbow the Brute coming soon, which looks good, but think about all the artists and writers Stan Lee worked with. List the significant ones and try to duplicate their talents and efforts today. All it takes is the ability to raise the funds to pay the crew and Ethan is good with the money. It’s HARD and TOUGHT to run a business. This is why everyone respects Jeremy. It is not easy to manage money and manage people to turn a profit. I heard Marvel had money problems the entire time? EVS needs to eventually hook those streamers into ALL CAPS COMICS somehow.

    Who really has the business acumen though? EVS or Rippa. Chuck just wants to create all day and he’s the best at it. The business part of it is almost separate from comics. It’s like a different talent. Tough to be a business owner.



    What if EVS, Youngrippa and Chuck Dixon all teamed up, put their money together then built up a company together along with combine their followers? I think EVS and Youngrippa are on good terms and I have no idea who Chuck Dixon is or what his thoughts on EVS are? But if all 3 worked together they could build up something that Marvel used to be.



    Rippa is the wild card. The other two are finding success, for now, but again, needs clean stories, which Dixon has, combined with a crew of characters. Also, would say some outliers are Tom Bilyeu with Neon Future and Mike Miller with LoneStar only because those two guys understand a level of the Metaverse that I don’t think the others do. The next Stan Lee might come from the tech realm.

    As for a team-up, it’s possible. They could do something like what Image did in it’s prime back when Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri kind of did an independent thing.

    The key thing would be that each member would have to give up something small, a small sacrifice in order to empower the best manager and best businessman of the entire group. I do think that is Ethan, but it could be another. I think a team-up is good idea but only after each division has experienced some kind of indie success. One thing Ethan and Chuck get is how important it is to make other talent successful. I would not be able to do what any of these guys do. Managing ego is tricky.


    I don’t think we’ll  ever see creative talent like we did in those days. Cyberfrog was ok, but it isn’t special…..yet. It has potential but it has a long way to go. Also not being able to be carried by stores hurts the independent (CG) comic industry in general. Sure a store *could* carry a book, and then have a Lefty break their windows, ruin them on social media or jsut burn the store down.

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