Is it worth getting a PS5 at release?

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    The only games left I am looking forward to this year are Ghost of Tsushima and Cyberpunk 2077. You will be able to get them both on PS4, so I don’t think it will be worth getting at release.


      I usually try to wait a couple of months after a console launch to buy cause it typically is released with a bunch of issues (i.e., overheating, crashing, things like that), but I do plan on buying it at release. There’s still a bit more time before launch, so I guess we’ll see what Sony does as far as more game announcements.


      as much as i want to get it and most likely will, there isn’t any games that jamp out to what games i usually like or play besides maybe at a push godfall , suppose would help when the release date for the console and certain games will be released , looking forward to the console, just not that hyped yet for the games so far announced


      I’m still catching up on all of my PS4 games so I’ll be skipping the PS5 at launch. If they put out some kind of bundle on black Friday I’d probably get it. But, yeah, they haven’t yet announced a launch title that makes me think I need to drop everything and get it day one.


      Black Friday 2021. Black Friday 2022 if the games aren’t there.


      That is most likely when I’ll get one. Price drop and at least 4-5 games I want will hopefully exist. Plus, plenty of time to budget for it, because it will be an investment. That’s how I see it whenever I buy a new console. It’s an investment, especially because I am the guy who uses the console for more than gaming. Since the PS3 it has been my primary blu ray player.



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        I got my PS4 Slim for 230 on Black Friday 2018. Just wait and get a PS4 Pro on Black Friday. It’s going to be years before we get good PS5 games. For the first year or two most PS5 games will be on PS4 too


        Only time will tell but i personally don’t regret getting a PS4 at release. I think the fact that PS5 will have backwards compatibility, means you will still be able to play the huge library PS4 has to offer while waiting for new PS5 exclusives.

        So that eases my mind about getting a PS5 at release. But i need to see the price first. If its anywhere neat $600, i’m waiting a year or two. If its like $400 thats reasonable to me. I like playstation ever since PS2, despite my frustrations with Sony becoming more western focused.


          No console is worth getting on release. After the the shit Sony has been doing recently, I wont be getting the PS5 at all.


          No wait at least a year fore the bugs to get fixed and more games to be released and announced then after Xmas, Easter check places where second hand goods are sold you can usually find new ore barely used ones cheap. Thats how I got my PS4 barely used fore the third of price at pawn shop. O and also consider that there will probably be PS5 PRO or whatever down the line.



            Not many games at release, but man, that SSD and fast loading times is all I care about. That’s pretty much the selling point for me. I am SICK of waiting for load screens.


            My PS4 is one of the first ones, so I’ll probably be getting the PS5 soon after it drops to replace it.  Though probably not day 1.  I’ll wait a month or two…


            I’m going to hold off a good while for a number of reasons.

            Money- I’d like to wait till the price goes down a bit. Plus I still have a 1080p TV and I’d just assume buy a 4K TV first.

            Games – I’m not interested in any of the games at the moment so why rush.

            Quality – Let them iron out the bugs a bit.

            Status Quo – I still don’t have some games I want on the PS4 so I still have PS4 games to explore.



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