Is social media a mind control experiment?

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    From what you’re saying, you’re the only person in your family with any common sense. Honestly, you really deserve to be way more successful than you actually are. It really sucks when all the good guys in the real world are all living at a disadvantage. That’s pretty much what I meant.



    Well thank you then 😀 The world is a strange place, and we don’t always get what we want.


    Those that are possessed by emotions no longer become human, but feral.  Sometimes to be nice…you have to do the opposite.  Sounds contradictory but I usually find feelings to be absolute bull crap. Mainstream was the biggest mistake with technology.  Steve Jobs had some good ideas but by golly, he is just as terrible as Tony Stark in terms of ego.  Some geeks don’t realize how dead drunk they are on dopamine, especially tech ones.

    To quote Tony’s father from Agent Carter: “I may not control what ideas come into my mind, but I can control what I sell”.

    Face it ladies and gentlemen, being a genius is both a gift and a curse.

    By the way Megazord_Jeremy…nothing against family, but you should distance yourself from ones that are emotionally possessed. I take such things super seriously.  My family keeps saying that because I’m silent that I just blurt out whatever (I sometimes do), but I honestly know how retarded they are.  They just don’t know it. They lean more on the left than they realize and I’m finding myself to be a lone wolf. Sometimes the ones closest to you, can also stab you in the back.  Just be wary and try to formulate back up plans and the like in case things go south.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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