Is Sony ever going to fix their censorship issue?

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    I don’t know if it is because Sony moved to California, but they don’t need to censor any game coming from Japan to the West.  This nonsense is one of the main reasons why I refuse to pre-order a PS5.


    I will not buy any new generation console if they support censorship.

    I didnt buy my PS4 till my PS3 started making odd noises while it was running 2 1/2 years ago. I see no reason to replace something that is basically new.


      Absolutely Unlikely


        It seems that Sony is now based in California, run by nut cases. Unless Japan takes back Sony, the company will go the way of all American entertainment companies.


        Microsoft is putting there first party games on PC. If there is anything thats Xbox excusive MAYBE I’ll consider an Xbox. Right now Sony is really detached and thinks their brand loyalty is impervious.  Meanwhile Nintendo Switch continues to grow world wide.


          This seems to be a consistent idea from them: that people are stupid and they will buy what we put in front of them. I wonder if that idea comes from their college indoctrination? The whole “we’re nobility / upper class, the lower classes will do as their told” kind-of motif.


            Eventually. These things work in cycles. 10 years ago no one would have guess Nintendo would be the anti-censorship company.


            Sony’s censoring issue remains unresolved, prompting users to be frustrated. I’m hoping for a quick resolution and improved communication from Sony on this matter.





            Guys, they’ve been censoring games with their overt censorship since 2016 at the same time they moved to America.

            Japan is boycotting PlayStation altogether and Xbox has actually gained more traction in Japan than PlayStation.

            If you buy PlayStation, your paying for less content. I repeat, do not ever buy another PlayStation game or console. Despite Microsoft also being woke, they don’t censor games, although they do make games woke AF like Fable or red fall.


            Still you don’t have to buy Microsoft’s games. And if you hate Amazon too, good news: boycotting PlayStation is also boycotting Amazon servers which PlayStation runs on.




              Many companies and corporations are censoring content when it comes to USA. Not just Sony.


              @DarthVengeant There’s general censorship for launching, but no Sony is going an extra length to their censorship, so even if its an M rated game on Nintendo Switch, you’re going to see double that censorship on the playstation

              There’s the esrb minimum which even now should be investigated into, but then there’s playstation censorship which goes far beyond normal means. In fact many Japanese developers have been moving away from playstation for that very reason.


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                @Salvince : And so are many other companies. Blue Protocol for example is being censored for western release. Anime is continually censored for release outside Japan for example. A lot of games are censored on PC for outside japan release. Steam continually forces censorship or just outright bans them.

                I follow Japanese culture and their news. There is a push for a more “USA” approach now than ever before, not by everyone and it’s mostly the upper ranks of government and corporations. But a push none the less. It’s all part of the ESG being forced into corporations now. Japan lawfully as of this year has had the ESG forced into it’s corporate landscape. Companies like Square Enix for example have bent the knee and this is why we have bad games like Forspoken. You want to try and poke the finger at Sony, but it’s a much more vast issue and wide spread than you clearly think.


                Right because Amazon is censoring the game for western release. I’m fully aware of that but Amazon is a woke company, we all know this. You saw why they pushed rings of power, woke narrative.

                Censoring this game: woke narrative. It’s funny because Android has a game rated T called Tainamin Action (based off a hentai) still has giggle physics and rated T (or at least when I played it).


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