Is this Officially the end for Halo?

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    Halo was the biggest game on Earth at one point.

    It was always going to be nearly impossible for 343 to replicate that kind of success but they haven’t come anywhere close.

    Decision making has been terrible, lead people have left the team and good ideas have been poorly executed. Now it doesn’t even seem like they want to make Halo games anymore, they want Halo Infinite to be a game they continually update over the next decade.

    This might be the last Halo game we ever see.









    I personally really liked Halo 4, and the Master Chief Collection really got better after a rough launch.  However, I can’t speak on Halo 5, because I haven’t played it yet.

    It really sounds like Infinite will be the last Halo game for a good, long while though.  I really hope it turns out to be their best effort so far.


    I really liked Halo 4’s story. The Didact was a way better villain than Truth or Gravemind and going forward with him as the over-arcing antagonist and Master Chief’s arch-enemy could’ve meant exciting things on what direction to take this series after the Bungie era. The only problem was not explaining him very well to those who didn’t the read the books (or anything that happened in between 3 and 4, for that matter). A damn codex, like Mass Effect’s, could’ve sufficed.

    But instead of trying harder to sell this new plot arc, they just… discarded nearly everything and started again, and for the worse. I don’t want to say too much for the sake of those haven’t played Halo 5 and not wanting to influence their opinion before they form it, but I think the new Guardians arc is just abysmal. It’s been years, I’m kind of over it, and I accept that this is what they’re going to do now, even if I don’t like it all. I’ll give Infinite a chance because I’ve invested so much into this series. It’s the reason I stuck with Xbox. But if the same trends continue I won’t bother with a Series X.


    Halo is just another example of the creativity void that has taken over gaming, entertainment, and pop culture in general. Instead of hiring legitimate talent, it’s about “diversity and inclusivity”. Wahmen and alphabet people and skin color, oh my.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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