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    Disney and Lucasfilm have gone off the rails where as not everything Warner Brothers make is woke and they allow problematic stuff like Gone With The Wind and Revenge of The Nerds on their platform without trigger warnings. At the same time they just canceled a classic Loony Toons character while probably my least favorite feels like an absolute crime. I just feel like despite all the great work Geeks and Gamers does to push back against woke garbage there still needs to be more push back on par with what’s going on with the Gina Carrno thing where even people that don’t complain about SJW’s all the time are downvoting them to oblivion.


    Lesser evil, but still with lots of problems.

    One can look at what WB has done with the CW (and how it has gone down hill).


    Blunder Woman 1984

    Birds of Prey (which needed a name change while still in theaters to Harley Quinn yadda yadda yadda).


    Woken is an industry-wide problem.


    I am not familiar with WB’s non-superhero shows, so I can’t comment on those.


      I heard that companies want to go back and edit things from movies. This will sound strange but this is one of the few things that terrifies me.

      It’s like being forced to have dementia. In time we will forget what originally happened…ironically Lucas is a pioneer in editing the past.

      It’s really dangerous and fanatical and I don’t understand it.


      @tariqari that is why so many people are buying PHYSICAL media (DVDs, blu rays) before they are edited, as we know streaming is only temporary and they can edit it and remove it from the platform without any notice.

      I am glad I have both original Star Wars trilogy on VHS/DVD (theatrical and special editions).


      I am still upset that even before this era’s erasure/cancel culture, we had copy-right issues where certain songs/music that was allowed on TV were not allowed when they were released on VHS/DVD.  (I am talking about you, The Muppet Show!).


        I was doing a few years ago during the middle of the Arrow and the Flash. Unfortunately now, my main devices are non disc media. Even my PC does not have a Blu Ray player and I built it lol…I have a PS4 Pro but I use my Apple TV above everything.

        My goal is to rip my files and put everything on a plex server anyway. I have the originals and all releases of the original trilogy too lol. I can’t wait to finish my media server project.


          I think so.
          They are still doing stupid shit like cancelling Pepe Le Pew but they arent insulting their potential customers.
          They also seem to be trying to make stuff for normal audiences and other stuff for woke audiences.
          Which I am fine with.  That’s what I’ve been saying should happen all along.
          Dont try to make everything for everyone.  Make different things that appeal to different audiences.

          I also dont think Zack Snyder agreed to appear on a Geeks+Gamers stream to promote The Snyder Cut without their permission.


          Personally, I would’ve thought that WB weren’t as “in your face” with the woke stuff in the way Disney is which I can usually tolerate. Having said that, I’m a bit annoyed with them for removing some Loony Tunes characters from ‘Space Jam 2’.

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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