It is okay to punch white people.

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    🤣🤣🤣 Damn me for not noticing that, well, my spelling and reading is absolout shit

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    Well I didn’t remember his name so I just copied how you wrote it you absolute clown, so make sure you spell it correctly yourself before you attack others.

    And MSM definitely covered it, even CNN. But apparently they stalled a lot before covering it so I guess you’re right about that. The most leftist medias in my country (amd many other) covered it immediately tho, but I guess American left wing media is on a whole nother level.

    But why are you whining about no protests? If you wanna protest then go ahead! If you get enough people with you, no one is going to stop you. Not the MSM, not Biden or anyone else. You can’t complain about no protests when protests start from the people.


    Opposing a political viewpoint and opposing a man’s moral character are two different things.

    People here aren’t opposing Niko because they’re programmed to, they’re opposing him because he keeps leaping to the worst possible conclusion and then mouths off against anyone who challenges his suppositions (I assure you, if this was twitter, we’d be seeing a much worse response). He keeps dealing in moral absolutes.

    I’m well aware of Yuri Bezmenov, but he is referring to a very specific group of people that we’re all familiar with. But you can be on basically the same side and still say, “this ain’t it, chief.”

    Too many conservatives are letting themselves get scared over a potential communist takeover. The rise of the far-left could’ve been a golden opportunity to sell conservatism to young people. Instead, neo-reactionaries just started grouping all left-wing groups under one tent and bullied anyone who might’ve had genuine concerns about race relations and the economy. That isn’t how you talk to people or convince them to vote differently; it’s making the same mistake the Left was in the lead-up to the 2016 election, contributed to the toxic culture and may have left more young people vulnerable to radicalization.

    It certainly doesn’t help there were, are, so many social liberals larping themselves as revolutionaries and nowhere near enough of them have pushed back on the far-left nonsense. It’s made the Left distinctly anti-patriotic and out to radically transform the country. Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes of the 20th century was not embedding in the public consciousness of how Communism is every bit as malicious as Nazism. But if there was any real danger of an actual communist revolution, you can bet your ass billionaires would’ve liquefied their assets and gotten the hell out of the country by now.


    TL;DR – There’s a difference between saying, “voting for Trump is pragmatic and in the best interest of the country,” and “vote for Trump or you’re a traitor to America.”


    Anyone remember one of history’s most important lessons?

    Those who do not learn from history will repeat history.

    Divide and conquer.


    That is exactly what the nazi-crats of the left are doing.

    Hate everything, destroy everything, burn it all down, and hope their delusional utopia can rise like a phoenix from the fires off the ashes of the civilization’s fall.


    If you were such an expert in psychology you’d know that might makes right and that violence perceived is violence achieved – so people will flock to the side that is more vocally outspoken and not nearly as much the passive side. Mostly complete outcasts will defend the weaker side because they can’t compete with the social competency level of the popular kids who are always on the side that’s popular at any given moment. That’s why voices like Niko’s and mine (I’m pretty antisocial) are voicing our opposition to the common narrative to try and balance things out in hopes of getting the attention of people who are on the fence that our side is not all just pushovers and to give them a reason to give a damn about these things. It’s not about making friends – it’s about throwing a wrench in the cogwheel of the satanists to stop impressionable kids from going over to their side to look for acceptance and friendship. To let them know that views that oppose the globohomo narrative are not only acceptable but greatly encouraged and needed. That’s why big tech is censoring conservative opinions – because we hold power when united against them.


    If you look at Japan IMO it’s about as close to a utopia as it gets even with its problems like overworking etc. that pail in comparison to murder and riots in the USA, and the radical left doesn’t have significant influence there – the communists have never held more than 2% of seats in the Japanese parliament. I think the reason is that no matter the socioeconomic conditions of people they all share the same culture and basic education. I think the US is at a huge disadvantage because of the diversity of its people, and the way to start bringing them together isn’t by encouraging their differences but setting role model behavior for all to follow – one of which for example should be to follow police orders. If a black person or a white person disobeys cops and lunges at them with a knife or something the whole country should unanimously condemn that individual as the example of being the worst role model how never to behave regardless what race you are. That’s how it is in Japan which is a much safer country where women walk alleyways at night alone.


    Japan is also still a very homogeneous society, which helps.


    In Japan, the first few years of school there are no grades/exams.

    The Japanese education system believes that requiring students to clean up after themselves teaches them to work in a team and help each other. Besides, spending their own time and effort sweeping, mopping, and wiping makes pupils respect their own work and the work of others.

    Their pupils learn to be RESPONSIBLE for their OWN ACTIONs.


    Respect for others

    HHmmm…. I can see what is NOT being taught in the west.

    But then, their feelings are more important than facts, respect, responsibility, etc.


    Let’s keep it that way.


    I actually resist the opinion that cops in America are racists and want to kill black people and every black person should shit their pants when they see a cop. But I also resist the opinion that the cops did nothing wrong.

    I think the cops in the George Floyd case and this recent one were incompetent and handled the situations in the dumbest possible ways. Regardless of skin color, they were just fucking shit at their jobs.

    I have the same opinion in the case with the white kid. I actually don’t think it was about skin color, but a really dumb and unfortunate decision caused by something snapping in the black man’s head.


    I agree with the general sentiment, but to a point – There are some people who are inherently unreasonable and not interested in conversation. At that point, the only thing people will respect is strength.

    But there’s always a time and place to pick your battles, and constantly being in “fight-mode” can risk lashing out against those who didn’t deserve it. Your opponents aren’t always going to be cringe Antifa keyboard warriors or passive-aggressive nu-males from Reddit. There are some progressives/liberals are perfectly decent folks who just sometimes have bad political takes; these people mean well, but are simply ignorant and don’t know the other side of the story.

    Being compassionate isn’t the same thing as being spineless. You have to know when to be empathetic and when to punch back. It largely depends on the individual you’re dealing with and whether or not they have demonstrated they are capable of arguing in good faith.


    It also has to do with Japan is a ethno-nationalist country. Their immigration is kept to most smallest least amount, Everyone for most part are ethnically japanese, have history of being isolationist, and VERY prideful of their cultural and history. And Japan value the importance of community compared to individualist mindset like USA.

    This may sound border controversial, but different ethnicity and races have different way of beliefs, ideologies, mindsets, actions, way of life etc. When you bring them together in sense like USA or currently in Europe, you’re gonna have clashes and problems that could often get out of hand. Sometimes they don’t tend to work and mix well (the influx of muslims in Europe and those problems are example). Japan lack most of what USA and Europe currently going through, and this is why many are respecting Japan in that sense.

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