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    “During the Plandemic especially there has been a huge increase in parents exploiting their children on Instagram for MONEY, especially in the Black community like you have never seen.”

    What the hell is this fucking bullshit?  Niko is right.  You have problems.


    Oh boy oh this…. this is where the fun begins. Eenie meenie minie moe. YOU are IT!
    You think that you are safe sitting there behind your screen with your little accusations. You don’t know who the hell I am, what I do for work & what organizations I work with…. but I have a think things will become very clear, very fast. I just got a Feeling.
    You have that smile on your face Nico? Good, let’s get the show on the road.
    All the proof is in every sentence I wrote, I told you where to go & what to look for. Hell I even shared a link of Don Lemon talking about how the world has mistreated Pedophiles, how he feels sorry for them & how we should change our outlook. Also I never accused you of ANYTHING…yet YOU chose to call ME certain things & accuse ME of certain things. Not cool Nico, YOU have no idea how uncool that shit is, but you’re gonna find out.
    So NicoBellic, grab that drink, you’re gonna need it.
    WHY are you, “YOU” so against ME & my talking about & exposure of the rising Evil that is the Left’s push to normalize Pedophilia? Because you chose a personal Fight with me. ME, a Man that is defending & fighting FOR THE SAFETY of CHILDREN AGAINST PEDOPHILES & THOSE THAT WOULD SEEK TO HARM THEM!? Why are YOU acting like the sole authority on this subject matter. Why are YOU devaluing the lives of ALL the children that have been Exploited & Abused by pedophiles? Why are YOU trying to tell the world that there is no problem & I am just imagining things? Well not just me but MILLIONS & MILLIONS of others out there as well.
    I have encountered many people like you in this fight over the years & you ALL talk the same: You completely dismiss the actual crimes & exploitations that happen & call us crazy conspiracy nuts. You act all concerned for US, throw shadow on everything we say while providing Zero proof or actual argument & you act so aggressive that it deters others from visiting the threads & adding their own 2 cents or point of views & then as the finishing blow you ALL always accuse the person that is defending children for being a pedophile, call our behavior Creepy & then you run.
    Do you know what I find troubling Nico? You actually came off as a sound of mind person in your reply  #187646. You, YOU NICOBELLIC spoke about experience in the beauty industry & things you saw & how bad it was & then your choice to move from the entertainment industry to move onto Business & Law. So again, you KNEW how things were & how bad things were & how nobody talks about the beauty pageant stuff ,  YET YOU COME & ATTACK ME!?
    Nico, step up to the plate, Let’s see if we can hit a home run.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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