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    When I was growing up I saw mostly Rodger Moore’s Bond.

    I find most of his movies great but the goofyness in some of the characters hasn’t aged well.

    I liked Jaws but he is ridiculous.

    The first time I started taking Bond seriously was Pierce Brosnan’s Goldeneye.

    Favourite villain, Francisco Scaramanga.




    Lashana Lynch, Nomi in the up coming Bond fil No Time to Die, is once again trying to talk people out of going to see the movie. Once again trying to lean into identity politics when people are actually concerned for the direction of their spy franchise.

    Saw a commercial for this. 007 could go on any orphan raised to be an assassin, as 007 is just a number that means they have a license to kill.
    My favorite was probably Timothy Dalton, just cuz he looked sinister.
    Jason Isaacs would have made a good one. Isaacs after Dalton would have been perfection.
    Benedict Cumberbatch, too. Toby Stephens, maybe.


      Best Bond…Connery.   I like Dalton as an actor but NOT as Bond.

      Best Bond girl… Maude Adam’s was in 2 of them!!

      Best theme… Thunderball and Goldeneye sung by Tina.

      Best movie… very hard but I’m choosing Thunderball.   It was so good they remade it into Never Say Never Again.  I love that “Conquer the World” game.

      Best gadget  the pen that blows up Fatima Blush in Never Say Never.

      Best Henchman… Odd Job is good but Jaws was the Best!

      Best Bond line from Connery.  As he’s dancing he swings the girl in front of the bullet, sits her down and says “She’s just dead”  So cold blooded as Bond is.


      Lashana Lynch Says Backlash To Being “Black Female 007” Like Segregation | James Bond No Time To Die

      Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost

      These days, not paying to see a movie is called “discrimination” by the left.


      Most people I know liked Sean Connery’s Bond. A few- my dad included- really enjoyed Pierce Brosnan as Bond. Then of course there’s the Goldeneye N64 game that ended up being one of the best movie-tie-ins of all time. I’ve heard somewhere that it’s supposed to be getting a remake.


      People wanted Pierce Brosnan for a long time and he finally got it, but was a bit older by that time. I recall some people also wanted Jason Statham, but he’s bald, so I don’t think that works for Bond. James Bond was supposed to be an ordinary looking guy on the exterior, but with superior training inside.

      Jude Law would be a good one.
      Tom Hardy, too.

      You know who got rejected for the James Bond role? Henry Cavill. He was “too pretty” to be James.

      I think James McAvoy would be almost ideal, because he does not stand out as much. He blends in. He looks average. That is what Ian Fleming wanted. The problem they ran into with Connery is that he just was the standout during rehearsals and the clear choice at the time. Goes to show you how things really work. It should go to the most capable, for sure.



      I’m no Bond fan but…I remember really wanting Clive Owen to be Bond before they casted Daniel Craig instead. I guess the closest we’ll ever get to that would be Clive Owen’s very brief cameo in the Pink Panther reboot in 2005 which was basically his audition for the role. Dang and he was really good for those five minutes he was on too…


      I recall they originally wanted Pierce Brosnan, but he admitted that he was too young (looking?) at the time.

      Then he got cast as Remington Steel, and his stock increased in the eyes of those who make the Bond films.

      Then, when it looked like Remington Steel was not going to be renewed, Pierce Brosnan and the Bond producers had a tentative agreement.

      I don’t know if this made the producers/studio behind Remington Steel agree to one more season.  And since Pierce Brosnan was already under contract for Remington Steel, the deal to become Bond fell thru.

      If that move was done in spite, or if they were going to want another season after all, that I don’t know.

      In the end, Pierce Brosnan finally got to be Bond.

      Personally, I am glad he got to be BOTH Bond and Steel.


      @DragonLady That is a GREAT casting call right there. Clive Owen would have been excellent.

      Other idea is Fassbender, but for some reason, I don’t think him or Tom Hiddleston fit. Same with Gerard Butler, who I am tempted to consider, but he just doesn’t fit.

      Maybe time will tell, but I look to the youth, and I just don’t see it: Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Holland, and Robert Pattinson are all out.
      Orlando Bloom? Maybe.

      Can’t believe I’m saying this, and you’ll know why, but I think Luke Evans would be pretty good.


      Daniel Craig Plays DAMAGE CONTROL – Panic After Female James Bond Backlash Is Hilarious!
      Geeks + Gamers

      He actually thinks Idris Elba would be a good pick. I am not for it, but will say that any orphan assassin story would work for James Bond. He has a license to kill and he assumes a normal name. As for a woman, again, Black Widow, Red Sparrow, La Femme Nikita are all strong franchises and the reverse misogyny would work even better. Women could seduce men and then, assassinate them or drug them or whatever like Cardi B or that chick who set up Rudy Giuliani in the hotel room, or even Monica Lewinsky, who was an agent herself.


      Daniel Craig Says James Bond SHOULDNT BE A WOMAN After Lashana Lynch No Time To Die Controversy
      Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost
      After controversy surrounding Lashana Lynch’s comments about a female James Bond, Daniel Craig himself is setting the record straight: James Bond Is A MAN!

      Paul Bettany would be good.
      Charlie Hunnam is another consideration.



      Now I can see WHY, when they were shopping to sell this movie, the number $900 Million kept coming up.

      It is their “break-even” number, if all the reports are true.


      Sadly, see how the other films released in the last year have shown, there is no way it will make that kind of money.

      No Time To Die is looking more and more like the death of Bond, James Bond.

      Be it from the character being passed on and gender/race swapped for a new 007, or how much the film loses money.  IMO Both!



      Finally got to watch Ryan’s vid on that last night. Again I agree on this one. Glad even Craig changed his mind about Bond being a woman. James Bond is just that; a name. Maybe have someone else have the role of 007 and have Bond retire from the number but Bond himself is strictly a bloke!


      I find this difficult.

      Each new Bond also brought a different tone.

      My first Bond movie was Goldeneye, me and my brother loved it so we collected all of them.

      Connery laid the foundation and is quite memorable.

      We don’t talk about that one guy…

      Moore I really liked years ago but in Hindsight those movies tried to go for too much comedy in some scenes and cuts into the movie, but he also faces Jaws several times so that’s great.

      I thought Dalton did a good job and agree those movies are underated.

      Brosnan was great for me but maybe I’ve got nostalgia goggles on because I saw his first.

      I like Craig but I have to admit, I had difficulty accepting his Bond at first.

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