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    James Bond, Han Solo
    touched on a lil bit in this video, but yes, it’s the tearing down of icons just like the tearing down of statues. This is communism. This is the Taliban.


    No Time To Die Director Cary Fukunaga Calls James Bond A Rapist | Confirms Movie Will Be Woke!

    Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost

    Ryan, Jeremy and Roas convinced me that Henry Cavill should be the next Bond. Target women directly.


    James Bond: No Time To FAIL | A Woke Marketing DISASTER


    The fake woke marketing of James Bond: No Time to Die continues with the director accusing his main character of be a “therapist” and the producers confirm that this will indeed be a James Bond for the MeToo|Times Up era. No surprise there, they have been telling us this for 2 years. We also learn what Phoebe Waller-Bridge thinks makes a character relatable. It ain’t pretty. Not really sure this is wise considering the film needs to clear 900 million to break even according to the access media. This may be the end of the road for James Bond.


    This may be the end of the road for James Bond.

    That is exactly what the woke/sjw wants.

    Another beloved international male character DESTROYED, and to hell with the franchise and the fans.

    And if you don’t like us (woke/sjw) ruining it, then you are an -ist and a -phob.

    R.I.P. 007-James Bond.


    May you rest in peace along side your wife, Teresa Bond.



    Only one way to ever save it.




    After Cavill’s work as Solo in The Man From Uncle, he would be a great James Bond.


    All this James Bond talk got me interested in rewatching.

    I just finished rewatching Dr. No and i gotta say it holds up better than i expected, i noticed it when Bond was meeting with M, M just finished giving Bond his new assignment than his tone changed.

    After telling Bond he spoke to him previously regarding the Beretta pistol and now the gun jammed on him and spent 6 months in hospitol, and remarks how since he became M there’s been a 40% drop in 00 casualties.

    We clearly see Bond’s apprehension to changing weapon to the Walther but M won’t hear of it, M makes the issue very clear and displays his authority without being a dick about it and staying professional.

    I can’t help but compare this to Goldeneye where the new M and Bond pick at each other with insults which only serves to make a potential issue a real one.

    Than when Bond arrives in Jamaica we see several scenes of the world Bond lives in, suspicion, paranoia & fear to clearly establish to the audience how a spy must feel going to a new area and the dangers they face.

    I won’t go on but only to say this movie was much better than i remembered.


    “When I wrote the first one in 1953, I wanted Bond to be an extremely dull, uninteresting man to whom things happened; I wanted him to be a blunt instrument … when I was casting around for a name for my protagonist I thought by God, [James Bond] is the dullest name I ever heard.”[

    Illustration commissioned by Fleming, showing his concept of the James Bond character.



    Hoagy Carmichael, whose looks Fleming described for Bond




    Well i just rewatched more Bond movies and i was gonna skip On Her Majesty’s Secret Service but I’ve only seen it once so i went for it…

    I made a mistake, for most of the movie it felt like some B grade forgettable spy movie with an almost emotionless love story but than Blofeld started leading his men down the skie slopes gun in hand.

    Why is the guy who was the brains the thinker the planner throwing himself down a mountain?

    And he is brainwashing people to extort the world for money?

    This plot was a thousand times better in Austin Powers as pure rediculous satire not a serious plot.

    I don’t hate the guy who replaced Connery, George Lazenby was his name but i didn’t even know that until the credits rolled.

    Lazenby was an emotionless Bond and a bad fit for the role but most of the problems i saw was from the plot, the fight scenes and sound effects.

    I had to fight myself to stay awake halfway through and now i wish I’d just turned it off and gone for an early bed.

    Anyway that was a reminder to myself not to watch it again for another 10 years.

    Does anyone know what the hell happened with this production?

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    I’ve rewatched Rodger Moore’s and Tomothy Dalton’s Bond movies.

    I’ve got a new respect for Moore, he was older than the other Bond’s and did more films lasting 12 years in the role.

    I said before i think Moore’s era leant too much on the comedy in some scenes but most of what i didn’t like this time around wasn’t from Moore, it was the silly sound effects and some of the characters.

    A sheriff named J. W. Pepper was in the first couple of his movies and i hated him like i hated Jar Jar Binks.

    Moore brought more suave and jokes to the scenes and sometimes maybe a little too much.

    With Timothy Dalton we get a much more serious take on Bond with very few jokes, i like the more serious tone but i have to admit i think they over corrected.

    I enjoyed Dalton’s take and apparently he was suppose to be in Goldeneye but legal and production timed out his contract and he said he’d return for only Goldeneye they said no because they wanted a longer commitment.

    It seems there are similar issues with these movies, some of the actors get frustrated and worn down, like a couple of years ago Daniel Craig in an interview when asked if he is making a new Bond after Specre he apparently said “I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists,”…

    Something i just looked up are the directors of all the Bond films, Moore had only three directors where as the others had a variety.

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    Word is Henry Cavill is now saying he wants to be a Bond villain (and not James Bond… as it looks like James Bond is DEAD).


    No Time To Die: REVIEW (The Weirdest Bond Film Ever)!!


    I’ve now seen the latest Bond film and so now it’s time to discuss it. This is one of the weirdest Bond films I have ever seen. Let’s get in it ALL!!

    Az is British, so I take his review seriously. I will never see this film.


    Why Are We Fighting Over The Next Bond? Lashana Lynch Is Right There

    The film marks the end of Daniel Craig’s turn as the beloved James Bond, and thus, has re-sparked the never-ending debate over the future of the franchise — namely, who should replace Craig.

    Correct, who should be the next JAMES BOND!

    The franchise should already have its answer since No Time To Die opens up a whole new world of possibilities for its next 007:

    Wrong.  We are looking for the next JAMES BOND!

    Not the next 007.

    …the possibility of learning more about Nomi in a substantial way is slim to none given the franchise’s track record.

    Don’t you remember the movie “Die Another Day”, and the spy Jinx Johnson played by Halle Berry?

    They were going to make a spin-off of her character… and it died as fans and the PAYING customers WANTED more JAMES BOND.

    And not a knock-off.

    So if an actress who IS as talented as Halle Berry, and as popular/likeable as her could not get her own spy movie, what makes you think this unlikable character and actor can?

    “[Bond] can be of any color, but he is male,” stressed Bond producer Barbara Broccoli…”


    “I believe we should be creating new characters for women — strong female characters. I’m not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are far more interesting than that.”

    Correct yet again!

    Broccoli isn’t necessarily wrong in that; remixing characters doesn’t always lend to the best version of a story, and women do deserve their own original narratives.

    Sadly, too many studios are too lazy to do the work, and just gender-swap.  Be it for movies, TV, comics, etc.

    However, in the post-Craig Bondverse, there would be no need to gender-bend the protagonist because his replacement is already so close by. Lynch’s Nomi …

    Is not BOND.  Will never be James BOND.

    We want to see adventures of JAMES BOND!

    Why is that something morons like this writer can’t understand?!?


    As many have said, if James Bond is permanently dead, so TOO is the James Bond franchise.

    Just like you CAN’T have an Indiana Jones franchise WITHOUT Indiana Jones!

    Or a Jaws Franchises WITHOUT JAWS!

    Or a Godzilla franchise WITHOUT GODZILLA!


    The next best they can do with this Nomi character is do exactly like they did at the start of Octopussy… have the MI6 agent DIE within the first few minutes of the film, and have it the story of how JAMES BOND got recruited and became 007!

    Now that is a film I would watch.

    But a whole film based on Nomi as 007… FUCK NO!

    JAMES BOND IS 007!

    That is how Ian Fleming wrote it.  That is how he wanted it.  That is how I want it!



    On a unrelated note who’d win in a fight between James Bond and…..BATMAN!!!!!?????

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