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    I had to show you this guyz,in all this insane stuff of wamen . japan use common sense. watch this few 10-15 mins the interviews says all. i love these people so much.


    Leftist are just copies there lol, plus antifa there is trying attack Shinzõ Abe,but their network isn’t working at all.

    people see’s true and dont give an shit.



    I like all those guys although Yoko is by far the most educated on international politics because her husband is an international policy advisor for political candidates in Japan. The general attitudes on social issues in Japan are very consistent over many years and decades even. The biggest reason in my understanding why Japanese people don’t like change is because they had it much better in the 80s and the early 90s in terms of the economy than today. It’s still a country that has one of the highest standards of living and they never had mass famine or anything close, but if you lived in Japan in the 80s they tell me you could buy multiple houses in Tokyo on a casual wage as a construction worker or a taxi driver which a lot of people were doing.

    Life back then is still fresh in people’s memories that they’d rather regress into that kind of an environment again then look for something new and progressive, because the more things progress the lower the standard of living has been. The US had the 80s but that was mostly a good decade for stock brokers and their ilk and not as much of a good time for the common man and woman. My ex told me they had TV game shows where Japanese billionaires would destroy each-other Rolls Royces for fun in the 80s and the land on which the Emperor’s Palace sits was worth more than Canada. And since Japan has never had a significant number of uneducated minorities with the exception of some Chinese illegals they never had a certain group underperform compared to other groups so everyone was happy.

    EDIT: Actually I don’t like Nobita that much. His video from a few months ago was very condescending toward smokers, and even though I haven’t smoked at all this year and I don’t intend to anymore, and I never was a big cigarette smoker. His opinion is formed from Japanese media which is very critical of smoking especially in a public place. but I lived in Japan for two years and some of the jobs where I worked were really busy jobs and there would be old guys working there who worked there for 45 years every day without vacations or sick days, for 14 hours straight, and at the end of my shift when it would be closing time I’d sit down with them and they’d smoke a cigarette while telling me stories. These guys amazed me with their work ethic – they said that they didn’t mind working hard their whole lives without a day off because it was for the “common good” – the opposite attitude of what we have in the West. The only indulgence they had was smoking a cigarette after the job. I don’t think people who want to ban smoking consider that it’s the only pleasure that some people have, although Nobita probably also thinks that a smoking ban is for the “greater good.”

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      Ah good to see Yoko is still making videos, she was a victim of my subscription purge when I unsubbed to everyone who’s political commentary is not mainly related to the entertainment industry like G+G, Mecharandom and YoungRippa do it.

      Nobita though I unsubbed earlier when he kinda bent the knee and apologized.

      But yeah japan is a common sense civilization, of course they are not perfect and have their own issues like overworking and the reliance on other countries to protect them, but I’d rather have those than the issues we have in the west.


      Thank for answer,that common good line was realt touching,no wonder Japan as country is still strong and undivided. Its not about individuality there but common good for everyone and their , country. But it depends on person it self.  But i mean they got families they need to feed and protect,hearing person who is worked 45 years in one company, with good and stable wage is rare. For those from western countries ,eu got the same, in my country situation is even worse ,max years you can work of in one private company is 3 to 4 years. Only thanks to policy that treats employees and workers like trash. Which was shocking ,form one documentary i watch about japan ,that many people around 30 or 40 after losing job they cant return to it .


      Well i am not sub for norbita at all,i rather watch content from Yuta and miku (mostly for study reasons).


      k too change this subject a bit, yesterday run into japanese news about japanese models but not the usual ones. it was very surprising,

      it shows you have an will to fight.  and do something.  the story on of the models is also touching.


      That’s cool. When you live in the West you forget that there are stories that don’t fall within the narrative.


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSbdvZyYbqQ loved this one too about single mother and 3 children.


      Cool but she isn’t a single mother – she’s just the one responsible for managing the money and raising the kids. That barefoot guy is her husband but because in Japan the man works all day and the woman stays at home looking after the children and cooking/cleaning etc. she is the focus of that report. Also in the beginning it’s their situation eight years ago when they only had three kids, but the rest of the report is present day and they have five kids now.


      thanks, seems i miss read the kanji by using dictionary app for chrome, thank a lot . i usualy understood like 20-30 % of content. 5 kids damm. it takes guts,i still dont understand how my mother  manage to handle me,with all her work and dad working 24/7. I got big respect for such people,trying to keep their family supplied with all needed things,thats why we are working and fight not crying about some shit on twitter,as working class guy from europe understands it a lot. This stupid agenda driven media just care how wash young minds ,seeing japanese media and comparing whats happening currently in my country due to some god damm politics ,just scream stop it ,look on japan take their example. k they go problems too as Mosou said. But japanese is always there for each other,that helped survived,hiroshima and nagasaki,fukushima.  thing is all the news i watching ,also trying to show my father and my mom. they admire japanese. In one instance, an news broadcast we saw,when Tsunami hited japan in 2011. My dad was speechles,seeing an factory owner near area’s were that crazy things happend ,went checked for their employess and their families,here were i live no one would give an shit from managers about my family and me.


      Well mob is just stupid. Hero hei gives quite interesting stuff.

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      ok this sucks. Route,you got any stories how japanese views ,abe when you spent time in japan.

      The guyz goals were interesting, teaching young generation to be pround of its country and teaching some bits of nationalism to cherish home is the most important thing.


      Isn’t Abe one of the weirdos trying to deny all the war crimes Japan did during WWII?


      Well my only info about him was he was trying solve territorial dispute with russia,i never heard he denied crimes of japan. I was mostly were interested in his inner politics.  Media can write anything,specifically western one.  These days you cant trust media.


      He was widely respected more than any of his five predecessors since he first became PM, but he was not without criticism from the left-leaning Japanese media. although under him over the last eight years (actually the first few years of his incumbency) sales tax went up twice from 5% to 8% to now 10%, an unpopular tobacco tax was imposed and just recently he went full authoritarian with a very strict anti-smoking law.

      He never had any major scandals although some of his cabinet members had to resign over the years but not to a greater extent than is the usual and he was never found to be involved in anything. All that is pretty trivial as Japanese people care more about the character of the PM and the stability of the government and the country than any concrete policy issues. I did hear some Japanese people criticize him mainly for two reasons – his fiscal liberalism with raising taxes was the most common criticism, and a few people thought that he was too much of a divisive figure and not respected enough in the world and that for that reason someone else should lead – however this changed with him becoming best buddies with Trump, since Trump is seen as being very cool and on the side of the Japanese people against communist China which is universally disliked even among many liberal democrats in Japan. So that gave him a big popularity boost.

      One of the major internal issues was his importation of foreign workers on temporary work visas to fill some laborious positions that fewer Japanese people were willing to do as they are a population that’s increasingly becoming overqualified. There isn’t much love for migrants in Japan though so that didn’t help his popularity, but at the very least Abe’s policy made it impossible to stay permanently in Japan if on a temporary work visa (unless they married a Japanese citizen which some immigrants do and some others overstay and become illegals, working in prostitution etc.) Japanese people fear that migrants who move to Japan will have to resort to criminal activity once their visa expires if they refuse to go back to their country.

      The vast majority of Japanese people I’ve known, didn’t care who the PM or the ruling party were, but they were happy that they had steady leadership rather than change PMs every year like they went through a slew of different PMs in the late 2000s – one of whom was Abe in his first term in that role which only lasted a year. For better or for worst it’s a country that favors stability and strength of leadership as well as how it’s seen around the world – to internal affairs – by and large.

      As I have some libertarian proclivities he wasn’t my ideal pick for PM, but Japan could do far worse! At least he wasn’t being being controlled by the CCP. I hope he recovers. This also speaks volumes of how responsible Japanese politicians are – putting the welfare of the country first. He said in his speech something like “I have caused you (the people of Japan) great trouble (by becoming unwell) and I don’t deserve to continue to be in this role any longer” and he bowed. I can’t imagine a US or an Aussie politician (or possibly a politician of any country) saying something like that to the media. Biden probably knows he has mental health issues and yet I don’t see him bowing out of the race for the presidency.

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