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    Good call.


      I mainly listen to doujin music and Vtubers

      Nobuhime Oda – ROKI (Cover)

      Kaguya Luna – New Era (original song)

      HimeHina – Hitogata (original song)

      Playlist with more of these 2


        Domyoji Cocoa (old version) – Loser (cover)

        Watch these 2 parody covers with english subtitles

        My favorite version of ECHO


        Not bad taste. Keep sharing ,lets try keep this discussion alive ,thank you mouso.



        I usually not fan of idoll bands,but these girls sings well and looks… whats interesting is band got to teams red and blue one. each with diffrent memebers.

        虹のコンキスタドール, Niji no Konkisutadōru(rainbow Conquistadors the bands name)

        Sjw’s would get triggered by this…

        I love how japan dont give an shit about it.


        Project Jam never fails.

        oh and something from band-maid

        vid is abit wierd cuz its not offical. song is very beautiful


          Love heavy metal, and love chocolate  ^﹏^  They are singing about food… right?


          well its simple ,girl who is worried about weight wants chocho a lot. lryics says everything there is no sense in it. i want chocolate thats all.

          Atatata taata taatatata zukkyun.

          Watatata taata taatatata dokkyun.

          Zukyun.  Dokyun.  Zukyun.  Dokyun.

          I won’t. Won’t. Won’t. Won’t.  Never. Never. Never.Check-it-out chocolate.  Can I have a bit of chocolate?

          But my weight worries me a bit these days.

          However, chocolate.  Can I have a bit of chocolate?

          But wait a while!  Wait a while!  Wait! Wait! Wait!

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            I know, looked up the lyrics before posting, that was a joke ;P


            wakarimasen ? jooudan ?. i dont get it its an joke ?


              “they are singing about food… right?” was a joke, i know the song’s about chocolate

              There’s a K-Pop song called Ice Cream Cake, but i’m pretty sure that song’s not about ice cream cake


                Wakarimasen = I don’t get it   Jooudan = Joke

                Did i get that right?


                  Kaguya Luna – Dance with Cinderella (original)


                  Hoshino Mea – Rock Mode (Cover)


                  Dennou Shoujo Siro – 46 (original) aka what I would the intro to my own anime to sound like.


                  Tokino Sora & Roboco (Hololive) – Remote Control (Cover)


                    I get that they’re CGI, wich means anything is possible, but how are Glasses’s pants staying on ( Tokino Sora & Roboco (Hololive) – Remote Control (Cover) ) ???


                    how they make these vids anyway

                    these guyz are cool band called hikari no naka ni , summer vacation song

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