Jeremy becomes an SJW?

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    I found this in my YouTube recommended of all places. It’s a video from some random dude accusing Jeremy of becoming an SJW.


    I commented saying “How does he become one? All he’s saying is that if an SJW complains about something you do, you tell them to fuck off. His entire brand is to tell people to fuck off.”



    He’s implying Jeremy is a “right-wing SJW” – Which is someone who sees leftist identity politics when it isn’t there, or it is but in low-key ways that just aren’t worth complaining about.

    I admit, sometimes Jeremy doesn’t always have the best takes: I cut him some slack because I know as a YouTuber you have to constantly farm for clicks until the dead horse has been beaten. But this clip is a bad example: What exactly does the uploader expect of Jeremy here? To reach out an olive branch to SJW’s? To compromise or reason with them? This isn’t the mid 2010’s. Lots of anti-woke liberals already tried that back when the term “SJW” first got coined and they got called alt-right fascists for their efforts. I still remember when they bullied a teenage girl into near-suicide on tumblr and showed no remorse for it – That was when I knew they were not inherently reasonable people and don’t deserve any polite association until they leave that cult behind.


    As Jeremy has stated many times in his vids, his brand hires people of all strips.  But they agree to disagree on political terms, etc.


    But that civility is not something an SJW (from my experience) know the definition to.

    If you bend the knee to them, they just move the goal post and can never be appleased until everything is destroyed. (And even then, I doubt they will be happy.)


    And Jeremy has said it the past he enjoys a “GOOD” rubbing.  It shows his message is getting out, and more people will then investigate this “Geeks and Gamers” channel and web-site, etc.


    I think someone has their balls in a vice. Or is it in the wifes purse?

    It aint our leader.


    As FallenOmegaStar said, the point is that Jeremy first talks about how outrageous it is that SJW’s call people racist and other names because they have different opinions and values, and then Jeremy priceeds to go on a rampage and tells people with different opinions and values to go fuck themselves and that they deserve no respect.

    I kinda see the point but ehh, it is what it is. I still think Jeremy has some hilariously childish and stupid takes sometimes, but this wasn’t one of them obviously.


    I don’t know if this sign was made with Jeremy in mind when they did it.

    I’ll you decide:



    Here is the reality no one wants to face.  Our educational system, since I would say the late 1990’s has turned out a bunch of insane leftists who have a voice on Twitter and YouTube.  These crazy people always existed, but back before the late 90s, there was not a platform from which they could spew their garbage.    Then with the advent of Twitter and YouTube, everything was supercharged.  Now it is easy for mentally ill people to form into ranks.

    By the way, this is not random.  An ex-KGB agent literally warned America about this.  His name was Yuri Bezmenov.  Only the terminally stupid liberal cannot see how they are being used to bring about their own downfall and the downfall of the very nation they live in.  This shit is only happening in Western nations too.   Stupid liberals — especially stupid liberal women — may usher in the downfall of the greatest nation in the world.  The irony to me is stunning.  Those fools have no idea what they are asking for.  I do.  I have traveled this world and seen the ravages of socialism.


    Well person who is born after,collapse of soviet union in the start of 90s and lived through out 2000s. Liberlism is disease even in European union.Sjw nonsen piece by piece is getting into my governments corners.we had bunch,of ass kissers but since we entered eu,it felt like we are being back in Soviet union. Eu valvus equal rights to everyone etc liberal thinking free political and religious views. This free speech is only for selected few. Sjw is new facism ,target against normaly thinking people. Most of my people hated communist, monstrous things they did. But KGB kept locked in. my parents lived in Soviet union as simple class workers,they hated Kgb there were Jobs ,health that helped simple person to live,this leftism you got in America its not left nor comunist,its bunch of people who needs to see mental institutions, bunch of psychos who wants to fuck the children up using Twitter and social media. Making them stupid,my dad told me once if person is stupid its easier to rotten organization and people to control them. Social media along liberal politics is doing it.

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