Jeremy finds rare video game at thrift store

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    Man, i wish there were more thrift stores in my town 🤩🎮

    Also, now i know what this is about 🐱

    meowvel avengers


    Damn, that kinda reminds of Gamestation here in the UK. The branch in my hometown had a basement dedicated to retro games up to the NES/Master System era, most of them used but in otherwise good condition and at a reasonable price. They even sold the old consoles and other ancillary hardware. It sadly closed over a decade ago, but I loved going there almost every weekend, not to just to check out new releases but to add anything interesting to my back catalogue that I may have missed out on, initially.

    These days I have to go online to get what I want. The only major retail outlet that’s still around is ‘GAME,’ and they’ve never been as interesting.


    It’s nice to see that dude didn’t take him for a ride as that one game usually goes for big bucks, and rightfully so…it’s arguably the best of its genre.



    When i was a kid the GameStops near my town used to sell a lot of GameCube games as they worked on the Wii, unfortunately they stopped doing that about 10 years ago. Now the oldest games in the shops are DS and PSP, wich i’m still interested in, but every time i try to buy one thay’ve always misplaced the disc/cartridge 😿


    Almost all of the second hand, resale, or used CD/Game stores in the Chicagoland area now have a “market research” buyer who will pour over their inventory online for the deep finds. Basically the likelihood of finding scarce stuff at a steal is next to zero in the region nowadays.

    I still luck out now and again on personal fav finds though.


    I totally understand the thrill of finding rare games at thrift stores or black markets but I buy everything off of ebay. I have no time to drive or spend a lot of gas money looking all over the world for such things. The Game Chasers are the ones that are the best at doing all this and their videos feel authentic like you see a reality show and interviewing people. Their content is pretty slick. I met them before at gaming cons. Y’all should check’ em out.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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