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    I like Jeremy and all, but he is really foolish about the police.  The police have done nothing but help the leftists for 4 years.  Yet, Jeremy still wants to live in the illusion that the police are just.  They are not.

    In fact, Judges screwed Trump.  District Attorney’s screwed Trump.  The police screwed Trump.  In four years, there was not one felony charge brought against ANY Democrat.  Not one.

    The reality is this.  You live in a police state.  The police have done nothing but help the leftists install this police state.  Jeremy needs to wake up to reality.  It is not a personal shot I am making.  I like the guy.  I understand that he wants a system that is fair and just and right.  But I hate to break it to him — that does not exist and frankly, it never has.  Anyone who thinks it has existed just wants to live in an illusion to make themselves feel better.

    The legal system is corrupt.  Hell, it even killed Jesus Christ.  Why people think it changed is beyond me.  Nothing has changed.  We just have better clothes, cars, and iPads now.  But not a damn thing has changed with human beings.


    This is the video I am referring to.


    By the way, it didn’t matter who went in the Capitol.

    It was a staged event.

    They were always going to blame Trump supporters.  Even if they had to dress up a hundred Antifa members as Trump supporters.  That is how you got so many good videos and pictures — it was a Deep State operation.


    I just finished watching the video, I don’t think Jeremy is fooling. A lot cops support Trump, there might be some bad apples in there, but it’s definitely not the majority in my opinion.


    I agree.


    How do you know it is not the majority?  You hope it is not the majority you mean to say.  The evidence is quite clear.  Cops have done nothing but help and aid Democrats.  BLM and Antifa literally occupied an entire city. Nothing happens.  But Antifa stages a riot at the Capitol and the very same police arrest Trump supporters.  What?  You think that isnt the police and a lot of them?   There are 200 agents at least working those cases.


    My belief stems from the police unions that officially supported Trump, from declarations of police officers speaking out against BLM protests. I did say this is my opinion, not saying I am the sole holder of all truth. I’m definitely not discarding what other people like you and Gamer101 are saying.


    You have to also remember, during the summer of riots and looting and burning, the police was TOLD by thier local government to “step-down” and NOT do thier job of “protect and serve”.

    And their frustration with being demonized my the dems and the media.

    The police were put in a no-win situation.


    Do people actually believe it was Antifa and Democrats behind the whole operation and that Trump cult members had nothing to do with it? 80TB of parler posts and other data got leaked and there were a shit load of mentally insane Trumpsters planning on the terror attack. It’s also hilarious how these people are so anti government and tin foil hats people yet give their identity to these websites so they can spew their nonsense hatred of their governments controlling them and selling their information. Irony at its finest.

    Now to make things clear before anyone attacks me for being a communist spy and a lizard person, I wanted Trump to win the elections. I think his political points are mostly good and I support him when he’s doing good. But unfortunately he has created, whether intentionally or nor, a cult of fucking insane peope believing everything is a government hoax and Trump is Jesus reborn who can do nothing wrong. Planning and executing a Coup d’état and blaming it on other people. Sure, there were antifa because wherever there are riots, they’ll be there but this was a Trump mob operation. And I do not blame every Trump supporter, as I’m not blaming every blacm person for the BLM riots. I blame the thugs. No matter what their political view is, a thug is a thug.


    And things are getting out of control in America for sure, and the Trump mob is just as delusional and dangerous as  Antifa. Just don’t break the law in any way and you’re good to go.


    I too, recall, when coup d’etat’s involved shitting on deks, stealing a podium and then leaving when bored after capturing a government building instead of murdering the elected officials and installing a new government.

    Peak fascism.


    I get what you are saying, but how TB of data do you think can be found on twitter or facebook about doing some other ‘coup’?

    You have nut jobs on both sides of the political spectrum, the big difference is Trump never condoned such actions, while the Dems ignored the carnage that BLM did. Add the media bias and the election irregularities that weren’t addressed and yes, you’re going to have a bunch of people venting on social media, that doesn’t mean anything.



    In every city that B-LIES & AntiQueefa attacked people the DA was put in place by George Soreass in the past decade.
    They have all refused to enforce any and all laws including murder unless it is a white person being the perp.


    Have to point out the massive hypocracy of ol BOZO allowing Parler to be hacked before he turned off their servers.
    NOOOOOO th wasnt coordinated; not at all. Just keep looking at the shiny light on the wall ya pleebs.


    Well excuse me, maybe a ”weak effort of coup d’etat” would’ve been more accurate. A shitty and failed murder attempt is still a murder attempt, same goes here.

    And I do believe that trespassing, forcing your way through police with violence, smashing windows and breaking into the Capitol building with the force of thousands of people isn’t something you can just brush off. With thousands of crazy cultists breaking in and no knowledge of how many of them are armed, there was no other way than opening fire. Like what the fuck did those people who broke in think? That the police is just going to nicely ask them to leave when they are carrying military equipment and backpacks with possible bombs or any other weapons?


    I know that Trump isn’t actively telling people to break in and riot, and my problem isn’t Trump himself. My problem is the Trumpster mob who can’t see anything objectively but blame everything on the others. Like first they say ”uhhh breaking into the Capitol isn’t a big deal like who cares, the BLM terrorists did it first so we are allowed to behave like apes too!” And once Trump said that what happened at the Capitol Building was wrong they change their stance to blaming on Antifa being behind everything, when there’s plenty of evidence that it was organized by the Trumpsters. Like fucking hell the furry weirdo from QAnon was basically leading the charge. The evidence is there open your eyes.

    Also, Biden has stated many times that rioting and looting is not protesting (referring to BLM last summer). It’s just a question of what people want to hear.

    I find it worrying how the radical left (antifa, BLM rioters) and the radical right (Trumpsters) are basically having a competition who can be more retarded and it’s escalating all the time and it’s not pretty.

    Also about Parler, it’s just the twitter for right wingers. People have been  banned there for trolling or having the wrong opinions. It’s all the same, just vice versa. It’s an echo chamber for right wingers, a bit similar to this forum. The difference is that Jeremy doesn’t ban people who challenge the opinions of the rest, unlike Parler.

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