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    A supposed Star Wars VIII 2014 Abrams treatment (precursor to an actual script) has been leaked online by a Bad Robot employee who calls himself literally “Bootsy Playboy”. Here’s the link for the supposed Abrams Episode 8: https://imgur.com/gallery/WKkli. If this is truly legit, Star Wars: Episode Eight would have given Luke a wife called Audra, Luke and Audra’s children, Tyas and Khey, Ashoka Tano (Acht-To being a safe haven for Jedi after Order 66), Rey not being a Mary Sue and awakened because of Luke using a Jedi trick onto Rey due to this version showing she was prophesied by Jedi hieroglyphics to join alongside Luke, no Mary Poppins, Snoke was not wasted and from a planet called Saccrum, Kylo Ren recovering from his scar on Darth Vader’s Castle on Mustafar, no identity politic woke agenda, no cranky old man, no animal rights speeches, the Knights of Ren, Lucas’ depiction of the Jedi temple as a bell, and more. Obviously this rumored Episode Eight has plot holes being whichever you wish to regard as a flaw. This Episode 8, regardless of its reality at this, could have worked as not a carbon copy of The Empire Strikes because if Mr. Colin Trevorrow helped Abrams with his treatment draft without Kathleen Kennedy intervening to make changes that align with her agenda, then this could have worked and might have fixed the flaws of the Force Awakens. Doomcock made a video about this at:


      Star Wars is dead to me and many others.

      They took a billion-dollar concept and rendered it useless just to push gender politics.



      I listened to Doomcock’s vid earlier.


      What he reads was 1,000x better than the shit we got.


      Believe I said it months ago but I’ll say it again:

      Even if Abrams wrote and directed the whole trilogy it wouldn’t have necessarily been good. Most likely just mediocre and boring.

      The more I think about the Last Jedi the more dejected I feel. With Abrams I think he was just incompetent. But with Johnson it’s like he deliberately took a dump on the franchise and gleefully smeared it in the fans faces, like he delights in pissing people off.


      I never knew/heard of Ruin John till ep.8.

      Well, he sure got his moment of fame (and infamy).


      That was interesting.

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