JK Rowling and The Gestapo of Reddit mods if you don’t agree

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    So, I was recently banned from a subreddit for simply disagreeing with the narrative about JK Rwoling being “Transphobic”. All I did was point out it was an opinion, that everyone has a right to have,  and had nothing to do with any type of “phobic” or hate.

    Here is the text:

    My initial post:

    I guess her opinion on trans issues, which was NOT Trans-Phobic at all, should make people buy less of her books somehow? The lady simply stated her OPINION on what she thought was legit or not. She said nothing against trans people as a whole. She had no insults, etc.

    You know, I am about fed up with this new spin every single time someone has a opinion. Everything is a phobic or ist. If you don’t stand 100% with the “proper” narrative, you get “cancelled”. It’s ridiculous. People CAN disagree with something and still not be insulting or “phobic” of it you know? What a concept heh? I happen to agree 100% her, but I have nothing against trans people at all. I treat them the same as anyone else. Having an opinion is not a phobia, it means you don’t see it the same way.

    If I were her I’d just say even more. Really upset these internet dwellers off, since they seem to care so much about what someone they don’t know said on Twitter. More people like her need to say what they believe and stop cowering to the PC/SJW lunatics trying to control our lives.

    Then the Ban:

    [–]subreddit message via /r/JKRowling[M] sent 1 day ago

    You have been permanently banned from participating in r/JKRowling. You can still view and subscribe to r/JKRowling, but you won’t be able to post or comment.

    Note from the moderators: Transphobe

    If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/JKRowling by replying to this message.

    Reminder from the Reddit staff: If you use another account to circumvent this subreddit ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your account being suspended from the site as a whole.

    – My Reply

    [–]to /r/JKRowling sent 1 day ago

    Excuse me, but NOTHING I said was trans-phobic. Do you even know what a “phobic” means? It means an “abnormal, aversion, hatred, violence, anger”. Nothing I said is any of that. I said nothing against anyone, no insults, etc. But, since my OPINION doesn’t fit the narrative, you ban me for saying nothing bad. But, that’s how it works doesn’t it? Silence people you don’t agree with. Then say it was for “Transphobic”, when you clearly don’t even know what that word means. Thanx for proving my point.

    – Their next reply

    [–]subreddit message via /r/JKRowling[M] sent 1 day ago


    Google. It’s just that easy.

    – My next reply

    [–]to /r/JKRowling sent 22 hours ago

    Again. Nothing I said was any of that. What you are essentially trying to say is that simply disagreeing or having a different view of Trans issues that doesn’t fit the “accepted narrative” means you are “Transphobic” and should be banned. You are using your mod status to silence opinions you don’t like. And that is what I call discrimination (restricting members of one group from opportunities or privileges that are available to members of another group), and wrong.

    And, as an example: If you don’t like rap, does that make you a racist? No, it doesn’t. Not liking or agreeing with something doesn’t make you phobic, or need to be called some derogatory term. You shouldn’t be banned or “cancelled” because of it either. It simply means you have a different opinion. The same applies here.

    I really don’t care if I am banned since it was the first and only time I ever commented here, it is the principle of the issue and a lot people are getting sick of being silenced if they are not on the proper side of the fence. That is counter to our freedoms, and certainly not freedom of speech.

    – Their next reply [–]subreddit message via /r/JKRowling[M] sent 20 hours ago

    Reddit isn’t America.

    Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences. Your “opinion” is directly harmful to a group of people and that is discrimination. We as mods remove discriminatory language from the subreddit we are in charge of. Good luck finding a subreddit that doesn’t remove rule breaking posts and comments!

    – My next reply

    [–]to /r/JKRowling sent 12 hours ago

    Again, I wasn’t harming anyone. I said nothing bad towards Trans people. Simply disagreeing with some of Trans issues is not harmful.

    Saying “This isn’t America. Yet you are free to ban people for doing nothing wrong.

    – Their next reply

    [–]subreddit message via /r/JKRowling[M] sent 5 hours ago

    It is extremely harmful to those in the trans community. Just because you can’t see it yourself doesn’t make it any less true. I banned you for a good reason and I stand true to that. Here is a good guide on how to learn to be an ally: https://www.glaad.org/amp/beginners-guide-being-ally-to-trans-people

    – My final reply

    [–]to /r/JKRowling sent 23 minutes ago

    So, not agreeing with something makes someone “harmful”? Got it. Reminds me of Hitler and Stalin. But, god forbid you learned from history what that kind of though process does.

    I have no desire to be an “ally” and fall in line with your one sided ideology.

    – End

    And this is why I rarely post on the internet, anywhere. I certainly never do on Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook. It’s utterly lunacy. My brain hurts from trying to understand how a mind can be so far gone as to actually believe this “phobe” stuff. The link that guy gave me is just nonsense. I am so sick of never feeling I can express MY opinion without being banned from something. It’s WRONG!



    As of 2016 the population of trans people in the U.S. was .6%……out of 331 million people today in 2020.


    We are talking about the miniscule of miniscule, but by SJW logic they are an oppressed people that the entire world has to bend the knee to and appease. They were so tiny and insignificant in the population, that they had to be added to the Alphabet community in order to even give them a platform, because no one cared or gave them a second thought until the SJWs thrust them into our faces. Regular people never cared about trans people. They lived in their strange trans world, which the REAL world at large ignored, until the SJWs made it their business to make it an issue that some dude who has started hormone therapy to become a chick, but still has his wang, needs to be allowed to use the women’s restroom. That was the beginning of all this garbage. Then they created their own language with all this cis and whatever nonsense (South Park’s episode on that was fantastic) and made all our brains want to melt.


    Bottom line…if you have a twig and berries, you are still a dude. If you have a hoo haa, you are a woman…but you might also be a wahman, in which case you should seek professional help…or just get laid.


    Wait…SJWs don’t operate with logic. Forget everything I said.


    Now they are trying to ban me from reddit all together. I was just threatened. They now said “You made a big oops here. I have to take this higher now.”

    I did nothing wrong. They are saying I am a threat to Trans people for simply disagreeing….on a JK Rowling subreddit.

    Freakin ridiculous. I have never in my life seen such lunacy. People truly are mindwashed.


    You can’t argue with SJWs. They don’t hear logic, because they only believe in relativism, ie. their “truth”. These are soulless, empty creatures who only cause pain because they only enjoy feeling righteous in their outrage.


    Sometimes the only way to victory is to deny your opponent the fight. In this case, I don’t think there is anything you can win this round, because you are already dealing with an infected system. Reddit is a sewer anyways. You won’t be missing anything.


    SJWs, where the 0.3% tries to control everyone else….

    I find it ironic that JK is getting attacked from the groups she once championed.

    Sorry you are getting attacked by the outrage mob. They get so angry when you bring up: gender is XX & XY



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    I’m convinced trans ideology is a cult. Even “LibLeft” types, who are generally for free speech, will have nuclear bad takes on this issue, including, “trans women are women, some people just don’t like penises.”

    What if someone swings both ways and doesn’t like penises on women? Guess they’re the bigots, then.

    It’s something I would call “tyranny of niceness” – Being so concerned with not upsetting someone that in an effort to accommodate them, you end up coming up with all kinds of speech codes. All this does is tell people what to say, what to think, and in the case of transgenderism, it’s confusing as fuck. Most people see the gender differences as sacrosanct and blurring the distinctions seems incredibly nihilistic. It reduces manhood and womanhood to mean nothing and that seems rather dehumanizing to me. I’m not really fond of so-called “TERFS” either (most of them are female chauvinists), but I think the transgender lobby has done far more harm to its own movement than some wine-aunt harpies.

    It’s a path to authoritarianism and I want no part of it.


    Being honest, I had an idea this would probably happen. I wanted to prove a point, and I did. I also wanted to be able to show proof of my point, and I did. I am not in the least upset about being banned at all, I really don’t care. It’s the principle of what is going on with these sites and our culture that is upsetting.

    I don’t feel free to have even an opinion anymore. I have been single for 10+ years now because even the dating scene has been taken over by this nonsense. I don’t socialize, I really have no friends, because it’s hard to find people who aren’t lunatics of the left.

    Why is it that mods for all these sites are always on the left? Every single time they always go after anyone outside of the narrow box. Why can’t there be a Youtube, Facebook and Twitter for people not on the left? A place for everyone. I am curious why someone doesn’t start one. There are places, but nothing like those.

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    Iv’e been being attacked pretty much my entire life. It’s nothing new.

    Theses people in power on these sites always seem to be on the left for some reason. I thought they all wanted inclusion and diversity? Uh huh….


    It certainly is a mindset, and brought on by a form of conditioning. The media does their job well….

    I just don’t fathom how simply disagreeing makes you “harmful”. It’s a illogical and lunatic way of thinking.

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by DarthVengeant.

    I’m honestly sick of this people. That person had no reason to ban you.

    I’m a potterhead and I honestly couldn’t care less about J.K. Rowling’s personal opinions regarding trans people. Back when she was pandering to the SJWs, a lot of people did call her out on her ridiculousness, but no one ever tried to cancel her. That just shows how pathetic this people are.

    Even Blaire White (a trans female youtuber, mind you) came to Rowling’s defense.



    “I thought they all wanted inclusion and diversity?”

    You are as free to do as they tell you


    Gender is XX XY?

    That is factually incorrect as gender is not the same as sex.

    Sex is USUALLY binary, however there are exceptions when someone has only one or three chromosomes.

    Gender is not binary, it’s a spectrum.

    That can be prooven by factual evidence.


    I disagree.

    Gender/sex are binary.

    Heterosexual Male, Heterosexual Female.  Ying-Yang.

    Everything else is a social de-construct/delusion, and a perversion of nature/humankind.


    Well you can disagree as much as you want, that doesn’t make it factual.

    Anyone can make claims, but claims without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence – here is mine:

    “Sex and gender are not the same. In general terms, sex refers to a person’s physical characteristics at birth, and gender encompasses a person’s identities, expressions, and societal roles. A person may identify with a gender that is different from their natal sex or with no gender at all.”

    – Medicalnewstoday

    As of now you have only brought forward factually incorrect statements (aka. lies) and open discrimination.

    I know you can do better, where is your evidence?


    (today) Gender refers to the characteristics of women, men, girls and boys that are socially constructed.

    Social Construct definition is – an idea that has been created and accepted by the people…

    Then by DEFINITION, as HISTORICAL FACT, there are only TWO Genders; male and female.  And as HISTORICAL FACT, there are also only TWO Sexes; male and female.

    And not 52 genders, not 64 genders, not 72 genders, etc. are some whom want to mislead the world claims there are.


    So it is a BELIEF that some people agree upon, then it must be factual?

    Just like people/media/politicians agreeing the US had a summer of love (and not a summer of riots and looting), does not make it TRUE.

    Just like people/media claim at the Nascar race the crowd was cheering “Let’s Go Brandon”, when we know that too is a LIE!

    There is no crisis at the southern US border, because so many people want to believe there is now, when you look at the FACTS and it IS a crisis at the border.

    There are WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and we need the gulf war, while it was pushed and social was accepted, the facts that there was NO WMD shows social constructs are easily be used to mislead/lie to the public.

    Just like people still believe the debunked fake russian dossier is real, does not make is FACTUAL.


    A person can identity as… a unicorn, or a flower, etc. does not make it FACTUAL.

    You can lie to yourself all you want that gender can be anything you want it to be, and repeating a lie and showing others too believing the same lie, does NOT make it TRUE/factual.


    Schools teaching 2+2=5 is FALSE, yet if you feel it does, then it is true?  It is still a lie!

    Being brainwashed to accept FALSEHOODS and LIES and MISINFORMATION, does not make it FACTUAL, even if enough people believe it that they can claim it is a social construct.

    All doomsday cults, the social construct that the world was about to end, etc… has time and again PROVEN to be FALSE.

    Social Constructs (like non-binary gender) is FALSEHOODS and LIES and MISINFORMATION, does not make it FACTUAL.

    The FACT some medical community/media/politicians would go with such FALSEHOODS and make people believe it is true is a crime.


    UNIVERSAL TRUTHS does not care about social constructs.

    The truth remains, even when the construct and the ideas behind those constructs die.

    Historians will look back at this time in history and wonder why so many people were so DUMB to think social constructs were real.

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