Judge blocks parents’ bid to use dying son’s sperm to father a child

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    Judge blocks parents’ bid to use dying son’s sperm to father a child

    The 22-year-old student, who cannot be named, collapsed suddenly while playing sport and was unconscious in intensive care after suffering a stroke when his parents made the application to the Court of Protection.

    So he died from sudden (covid-jab).

    The man had spoken about wanting children and his girlfriend had “expressed a desire to carry his child”, Mr Justice Poole heard at an urgent out-of-hours hearing on November 3.

    But the judge concluded that allowing it would not have been in the man’s best interests.

    How is it in the best interest of a man to have his sperm-jacked?

    The man’s parents had sought declarations that would allow a doctor to retrieve their son’s sperm and store it lawfully so that it might be “used in the future for the conception and birth of a child or children”.

    Sounds more like the parents are desperate for grandchildren.

    The man’s father told the judge: “My son had a girlfriend, and he has for many years spoken to me about wanting children of his own.”

    Speaking of wanting and actually getting are two separate issue.

    “I make it clear to the court that my wife and I would raise the child, but the girlfriend, who is aware of this application, has expressed a desire to carry his child.”

    As a paid surrogate, most likely.

    Mr Justice Poole concluded that such declarations would not have been in the man’s best interests.

    In his ruling, the judge said: “There is no evidence before the court to persuade me that (he) would have wished for his sperm to be collected and stored in his present circumstances.


    “I cannot accept that there should be a default position that sperm should be collected and stored in such circumstances as being generally in a person’s best interests.”

    He added: “The process of collecting (his) sperm is physically invasive and there is no evidence that (he) would have consented to it or would have agreed to its purpose.

    It is one thing to sign an organ donor card, and another to use your DNA (sperm or eggs) to create a child at the time of your death, without it being explicitely stated in one’s will they want such.

    It is nice to see such reproduction rights are being considered.

    Can you imagine a time when a dead celebrity/model/athlete/rich person being sued from someone so they can collected their sperm/eggs for “future children creating”?

    That is what could have been if the judge set the precedence of allowing such “harvesting of the dead”.


    I make it clear to the court that my wife and I would raise the child, but the girlfriend, who is aware of this application, has expressed a desire to carry his child.

    I could only imagine what it’s like to lose a child, moreso if it was an only child. But do they have other options?

    For example, how old are the parents? The son was 22, so if they had him young they may be in their 40s. With all the advances in technology, they could try again. Or if the plan was to use the girlfriend (or another) as a paid surrogate then do so with their genetic material.

    I wonder if the Judge would have been more sympathetic if they had just come clean as to their intentions rather than arguing from the perspective of what their son wanted?


    I sure hope not.

    This sperm-jacking from one who cannot consent is horrible to begin with.

    If the parents had come forward to say “We want a grandkid.  (Not another kid of our own)” I would still feel the same.

    Sperm-Jacking should be illegal in ALL instances.

    As for using the dad’s sperm?  Then that would be his KID, not grand-KID.

    The article did not go into if they have other children, or if they had a difficult time getting their son born in the first place.

    Maybe they CAN’T get more kids, and were desperate to try to sperm-jack their dead son’s sperm.

    If they are so desperate, why not adopt.

    All this shows me is how amoral and selfish these parents (and former gf) are.



    Is it just me or does there seem to be a growing amount of parents of a child wanting to have said child’s kids of late??? I can only imagine how confusing that’s going to be for their kids when they find out that they’ve been birthed by their grandparents. I’m going to assume that no-one ever thought of the mental health issues that this would cause for these kids? I get that the kid was an only kid and that they most likely were desperate for grandkids but…this is just wrong on so many levels.


      i was very confused by the title… but reading this. Yeah no. im getting it added to my Medical forms no sperm jacking if im in a coma. i left a message on the families lawyers voicemail to call me monday



        I am astounded everyday at how people will do ghoulish things to one another without hesitation all in the name of serving their god “me”.


        Call me whatever you wish, but God calls us to love one another and sacrifice for one another and the world works best when we do whether you want to attribute that to God or not.  Clearly when all we do is serve ourselves the world turns into a chaotic mess.

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