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    Yeah… like anything is that freaking easy. Don’t watch Diseny+… don’t watch HBO Max even though everyone is saying to support the Snyder Cut and copetion is the best way to get Disney to change. Don’t play video games, Don’t watch dubbed anime, don’t watched subbed anime on streaming services. YouTubers that think its so freaking easy to just disengaged from everything aren’t being realistic. The free market and our voices are our only weapons against woke culture. The people pushing woke want us to not enjoy things. I’m not going to name any particular names of YouTubers who suggest these things because I know fans would get upset and I don’t want conflict but I have heard this sentiment echoed several times in the community.  I’m not working right now, I am locked down like everyone else, streaming and gaming and YouTube are really all I have going right now.


    That’s another reason why I appreciate G+G, they never try to make anyone follow what they are doing. It’s basically: ‘this is our opinion, but it’s totally cool if you do your own thing’


    Pick and choose your own battles and don’t worry what anyone else thinks.  I wont spend a penny on any movies made by Roman Polanski or Victor Salva, but I’m not going to judge or lecture anyone else who feels differently.


    In case of physical media you can still boycott it by buying 2nd hand copies from private sellers.


    I think it really comes down to what you think will pursue your happiness over the long haul. Making yourself miserable completely defeats the purpose, because in the end, you can’t boycott everything.

    However, doing a little extra work, or avoiding some things, could make for a better future (especially if others think the say way.) I don’t use the google search engine, because it’s easy to use something else. Some things I cut back at opportune times, and leave a clear reason on why I unsubscribed, but will resubscribe later when there is something I really want to watch.

    However, all that said, I think it’s far more important to support certain things, than to boycott certain things. Supporting pro free speech youtube channels, platforms (like this,) podcast, etc, so that they don’t have to depend on youtube money, is far more important.


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    With each passing day, more and more companies are turning to woke side of the Force.

    Get woke, go broke, become a joke.

    I hope we still have japanese Anime and Manga free of SJW corruption for years to come.


    I hope we still have japanese Anime and Manga free of SJW corruption for years to come.

    Sadly, I hear that amazon in north america is cancelling/banning all manga from its platform(s).

    The excuse, the sexualizing of young girls.

    Yet that soft porn french film “Cuties” IS ok.


    They also stated that amazon Japan WILL continue to stock Anime and Manga.

    Now if that means they can ship outside of Japan…


    Another option you may not have considered is to develop your skills and create your own media.

    I am building a discord server of talented, creative individuals who don’t care for the direction modern culture is heading in, and we have resources to help people who want to create their own games.

    We are starting up a program called SFX Saturday where we give out free to use SFX, and we have a lot of knowledgeable programmers and teams looking for helpers.

    Here is a link if anyone is interested: https://discord.gg/hX83WRzSGP



    I’ve boycotted Gillette, oreos and burger king. I should do more.

    Infact back in late 2018 I made a list in a comment section of woke stuff that should be boycotted. I forgot what was on that list.

    I think it was Ben and Jerry’s

    Dove…. well that’s all I remember from it to be honest however It was a pretty long list. This was the time I started to get more into politics and started to notice some weird stuff going on. Never thought it will get this bad.


    My take on Boycotts for what it is worth.

    People Boycott because it makes them feel good (insert why it makes you feel good)

    Do they work? NO, Not past the first 48 to 72 hours, and that is public pressure. If a company will not reverse its course in that time frame they are not going to without drastic changes to personnel. But what you are doing is not hurting that company but hurting the supply chain which could be a friend or family member as well.

    Now Public pressure, as mentioned, IE making it very uncomfortable and keeping their actions front and center, That has worked. That keeps people remembering to not support the (item business). Also that gets Politicians and Media attention and that is how change often is created. But some companies are just so big and know they can weather the storm they just dont care.

    It’s like people yelling save the planet ban oil and yet they are driving cars or using products that are made from oil… Its hilarious to see them saying it and not even realize they are supporting what they hate.


    The best form of boycotting is to rob a brand your emotional connection with their product.

    The emotionally involved fan will do anything to consume a certain product. They will also vouch for the product to anyone who would listen. Once you become indifferent, you tend to find new hobbies that doesn’t involved that product. That’s their biggest fear.


    yeah, as long as people don’t mix cancel culture with boycotting , it’s perfectly fine. ;)

    I don’t like disney, i don’t pay for disney plus and i don’t buy tickets for disney movies. But I don’t want them to end. they can do whatever they want. And my wish is that more people boycott it so they can change their mentality and start doing better quality products.

    if they do anything good I’ll find a way to watch it lol

    The boycott works to make them change.

    The cancel culture just wants to end things, erase it completely.


    Well, here is my take.

    I do not go to Kentucky Friend Chicken because they cram piles of chickens in cages, debeak them, force feed then, and other frankly atrocious activities. I am not really some “activist” but I don’t want my money supporting that garbage.

    I do not support Disney+ for many reasons, most of which being their agenda and horrible social media propaganda. Their utterly biased and hypocritical attack on Gina Carano. Their destruction of Star Wars. Hiring blatant racists, but at the same time speaking out against racism. Pulling an Orwellian 1984 and trying to rewrite history with censoring or “warning” people with movies like Dumbo. However, I have watched The Mandalorian, Mulan, Raya and the Last Dragon, WandaVision, etc. I wont say HOW I watch them, figure it out yourself, but I did. I simply don’t want to give Disney my money. I will never go to Disneyland or Disney World. I wont go to the Star Wars park either, because it just looks like a glorified shopping mall with two garbage “rides”. One of which apparently breaks down all the time.

    Does what I do make a difference? Probably not. But, I make a conscious choice in what I want my money going towards, if more people did so it could make a difference. Does it make me feel better? No, not really. But I made a choice and I can at least say I do not support them with my wallet.


    You bring up Disney, this is one of those times doing so “might” make a difference. But it will have to have constant pressure maintained. Every Youtuber who is against what they did to Gina and Others and Star Wars should be making a video every time Disney puts one up showing the ratioing… I will take it further they should tell their viewers “If you want to see change then your downvote and comments are the way to keep the heat up and on them”

    The media is seeing it and some speaking up and that is fan pressure. If it doesnt keep up the second the coof is gone it will be business back to normal for Disney… It needs to be VERY HOT and UNCOMFORTABLE for them.


    Sail the seven seas and pirate their shit. Even so, a lot of movies and videogames released today are dogshit and aren’t worth pirating anyway. And geez, we still have lockdowns?

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