Just canceled my Best Buy preorder of the upcoming Episode I figures. I’m done.

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    Before all the Gina Carano shit went down, I had the four upcoming Phantom Menace figures on preorder (Qui-Gon, Mace Windu, Battle Droid, and even Jar Jar).  I just canceled my order.  I’m done giving Star Wars money until things change, starting with KK stepping down.

    This was really hard to do, because I love George’s Star Wars and I thought the figures looked awesome.  But I gotta put my money where my mouth is if I want things to get better.

    Sorry Disney Lucasfilm, but I’ll be spending that $100 somewhere else.  Eat dicks.


    @SilverAxe13 you are not the only one who had let their feelings (and money) go.


    You can always buy used, as those funds goes not to the evil empire of KK and the house of mouse, but to one who went one step further and is removing Lucas Star Wars from their homes/collection.


    @Legatus_Legionis I’m really going to start looking into the secondhand market.  I can’t give this company any more money right now.  I’m also a lifelong Lego Star Wars fan, so I need to find a way to get those without giving them money too.  I’ll also be skipping the upcoming Lego Star Wars video game, which is absolutely breaking my heart to do.


    Welcome to the party pal.


    I’ve been working on a Star Wars video for a couple of weeks now. The script is almost done, and the end keeps changing because new stuff keeps happening that I need to address in my final argument of the video. I’m probably going to split it into 3 parts (all still released on the same day, though), and the final part will be addressing what we should do going forward when it comes to Real Star Wars, not Disney Star Wars. Of course it will involve purchasing and how I see pathways to people still getting what they want.

    Sometimes we have to put our money where our mouths are.

    Sometimes we have to rationalize some things, which is sometimes my case cuz I’m a weirdo about some purchasing choices, but at least I admit I border on hypocrisy.

    Sometimes we just have to go cold turkey and do nothing.


    @Roas Making Star Wars videos is really hard these days, considering Lucasfilm film seems to frick something up every other day.  They are just a constant dumpster fire news source lol.


    Sooner or later, they (Disney) will learn bad press will result in lowering sales/interest.


    I really dont thingk they will learn that. They have been flushing good money after bad for near a decade with their SJW wars product and still havwent recouped the purachase price.

    One would have thought the shareholders would have bitchslapped them by now.


    I have been told that the share price has gone up four to five-fold since the empire of the mouse took over the sith.

    So for those investors, they are still making money.

    But with Disney losing money, it will only be time until the value of those shares go down.

    Then they will demand change, for it now effects them directly.


    And that is part of the problem with the stock market (and especially hedge funds).  They don’t care for company making money, so long as they can make money off the stock itself.  Just look at what they wanted to do with GameStop.  They bet of the stock value crashing (so they could make tons of money).  Instead the value shot up, and lots of non-wallstreet investors made money (even thought Gamestop was losing money).


    This is a prime problem with stocks (and the stock market as a whole).


      They were making new ep 1 figures? Darn I wish Disney werent involved.

    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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