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    My reaction to the Snyder Cut being 4 hours long



    Not since the days of Ed Wood has one auteur’s true vision been brought so thoroughly to the screen.

    This production is everything you expected and far, far more.


    Sadly, I’ll have to wait for the blue-ray release but…it looks fantastic from what I’ve seen from the trailers.

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    even though every single zach snyder movie has put me to sleep and i find them boring and hard to sit through, for some reason im really excited for the snyder cut, i cant watch it until my projector comes in the mail later today, im setting up a home theater type thing


    @pheonixking787 I’ve been using a projector for 10 years, it’s so awesome, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😊


    @pheonixking787 and @MrBidwell, I’m gonna have my home theater set up this weekend 😁📽

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    I’m waiting till Friday so I can watch it with my brother. We’re hard core DC fans. Got our snacks and ready to go


    watched it last night

    defo better than first version

    lots of positives to take away but i think in the long run if a 2nd and 3rd are made the story will be much more complete and enjoyable


    K, just finished it. I won’t go on too much here, cuz then what would I put in a video.

    It was better than the Whedon Cut, because it actually made sense and told a complete story.

    Overall, though, eh….really boring through out stretches. Chapters 3 and 4 were a little rough for me.

    Best things I’m willing to mention now?

    Whenever Wonder Woman’s theme came on, something cool happened.

    Cavill. Cavill was great.

    In the end, I’m sorry Snyder Bros, this was no great work of art.



    First watch this would have gotten a 10 from me but after a second watch and time to think, the best I could give it is a 6 and truly a 5.5 would be my true score. Still better than the negative 10 for the first one.

    It is to long by at least an hour and truly and hour and half. It needed to be no more than 2.5 hours.

    Music was just not fitting the show at all. It felt off and when you really listen you cannot deny when Superman is looking at the sun there really needs to be his theme song play. BIG MISS there.

    CGI was lacking both on PC and my Big Screen, not to mention all the Slow Motion, ya I get Zach Snyder but it was so not needed.

    Finally the epilogue, this was clearly trying to set-up something in the future and took away imo from the rest of the show. It had enough teasing in the film to Lanterns and Martian Man hunter. It could have ended with the statement on get the Armada and been good, but nope had to just throw a lot more fluff in.

    Some will surely like it on first review and give it a 10, but if you really take time and a second watch its just a ok to fair show. Not one that I will be revisiting anytime soon and I had high hope for it.


    I am loving it. I am 47 min in. Had to take a break to get a snack and check a few things online. I love that it is 4hrs too, because I love long movies.

    That Wonder Woman fight in the building with the bad guys and the bomb in the beginning was freaking AWESOME now. I thought it felt toned down in the original version, and now it shines. Gal Gadot is just fantastic as usual, a pity she wasn’t in 1984, but that was the director/story’s fault.

    So far imo it is already vastly superior only 47 min in. I’ll come back when I am done.


    Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review! | A HUGE Build Up, For VERY LITTLE Delivery!

    Nerdette’s NewsStand


    Ok I’m back after finishing it.

    Imo this was 10 fold better than the theatrical version. I really enjoyed it, and all the time spent getting to know the characters better. The Superman stuff was WAY better too! Everything was just better. I can now say I like Justice League, where I didn’t like it much before.

    The joker scene at the end, just WOW! Why the hell could that not have been the Joker we got in Suicide Squad? Jered Leto NAILED it this time. That scene was hands down the best in the movie. My question is however, where did the scene with him in the Jail cell go that has been promoted? It wasn’t in the movie. I am confused with that. Plus, the “we live in a society” line wasn’t in the movie either. Seems there was some false advertising going on here….


    Watched it last night. Added scenes improved the story mostly (though there was some unnecessary padding). Deleted scenes improved the story. All in all, a much better film. However, the bar was set so low by the other version that it still isn’t really a great movie. I am reminded of a comedian once saying, “You can’t polish a turd.” Sadly, this is exactly what this feels like. I am glad I saw it but will not be setting aside another evening any time soon to watch it again.


    Just watched Justice League last night and it’s no doubt that it is way better than Whedon’s version, I enjoyed the movie it’s a good movie however, I was expecting more, Batman is my favorite hero and I was disappointed in this version of him as I thought he was very diferent from the version in BVS which I really liked, in this movie he was very useless to the team, that and the team chemistry still being a bit off were my main complaints of the movie, which for a normal fan maybe are fine but for a fan that liked BVS’s Batman and was hoping for a transition in this movie it’s a little disappointing and confusing to see the direction Zack took.

    Anyways I think a Justice League part 2 could be a lot better and has a lot of potencial, still hoping to get it.

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