Justina Ireland is a Man Hater

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    Ryan Kinel nailed it today.  Justina Ireland is batshit crazy.  She reads historical fiction to know what happened. How fucked up is that?  This woman is the prime example of an ugly, undesirable woman, with an axe to grind.  She has let her inferiority complex define her completely.

    Do not give Star Wars your money ever.  I don’t care if it is the Mandalorian or any of that.  Stop finding their insanity.



    Idiots who WANT their product(s) to fail, and cost their company MONEY should not only be FIRED, but SUED for breach of contract.


    This idiot is not the first, and won’t be the last to try to sabotage deliberately their products.


    ~cough cough KK cough cough~


    I agree.  These people have major mental issues.  Pretty much all liberals do.


    Im supposed to give a fuck about this skank?
    Naw fam I cant be bothered.

    Its a Revisionist history buff? aahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh fuck off.

    The SJW wars Stoned Republic is just further proof that the retarded fucks running the rat are too stupid to fire Krazy KK or her ilk.


    I’m glad that Ryan and other people are investigating the backgrounds of these authors. Honestly when I read a book or watch a movie I really don’t ever research the politics of the person who made the art. But if somebody like Ryan points out that an author is a racists idiot, Then I will avoid their work. It’s just not some thing I research before hand


    i cut my losses at 2010ish, anything after that needs high recomendation and research, not a single dime to these people anymore. SJWs can run the market to the ground for all i care. Its an oportunity for content creators to fill the void they leave behind.


    The EU books that were in the pipeline and allowed to be finished after the sale to the rat are very good.

    Nothing that came out after Crusible is EU material and isnt worth wiping your ass with.


    Oh I don’t pay for anything Star Wars. I get all my stuff from the library. The books and comics have been much better than the movies. But clearly Favreau and Filoni are the future

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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