Kamen Rider Series (Currently Airing: Kamen Rider Revice)

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    Everyone’s favorite karate bugman returns next weekend after a five week corona hiatus.

    New trademark: https://twitter.com/trademark_bot/status/1272546826130845698 (no spoiler feature yet)


    Alright and I’ve seen the 1st Kamen Rider Show, Kamen Rider Shin, and Kamen Rider Ryuki. Kamen Ryuki and Kamen Rider Shin I like. The 1st Kamen Rider Show I have a Love/Dislike for it. I would like to recommend this Tokusatsu to DC Fans, Marvel Fans, Power Rangers Fans, TMNT Fans, and Fans of Superheroes and Comics.

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    For me, I started with Kamen Rider Kiva, followed by Decade and then W.  To be brutally honest, I wasn’t as interested in Saban’s adaptation of Kamen Rider Black RX very much, even though I did own the belt back then as a kid. I did like Kamen Rider Dragon Knight which is probably as close to Kamen Rider that we will get at the moment.  I actually even cosplayed last summer at Anime Expo as Hidari Shotaro.  (Yes, that is me in real life by the way)



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    The best was Kamen Rider V3.  Not quite as dark as the original Kamen Rider series but a decently deep story while still playing well for the kids.


    Trailer for the next series, Kamen Rider Geats.  Didn’t bother promoting Revice here, luckily:


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