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      “The freedom to not be exposed to offencive expression”, do you know how you get the freedom to do that? Don’t watch stuff that you’re offended by!!


      I’ve always found animi/manga a more mature form of entertainment than Western comics. Even the Pokemon manga has its more mature moments especially in the older comics. Not sure about the new ones as I’ve only read the first three volumes. Even Studio Ghibli films have their mature moments despite being supposedly all ages friendly. Look at ‘Princess Mononokey’ as a really good example. I’m also watching the ‘Cowboy Bebop’ animi atm and it’s a nice change for me to be watching something much more mature with animi for a change.

      If these people don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simples! I’m glad that Japan are sticking up for their works and giving Twitter the bird lol.


        As usual, the people screaming for diversity and inclusion…..don’t want sexy or mature included. Even though no one is forcing them to watch or buy, they still feel the need to dictate for everyone. They look down on people for liking some sexiness’ in their game or anime. But, it’s ok to kill and blow heads off in Call of Duty. Idiocy and hypocrisy. Part of the reason I like Anime is BECAUSE it has no PC/SJW garbage.

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        Manga, anime, jRPGs already have inclusion, of sexual minorities at least. Japan’s not a particularly multiracial society so the lack of explicit racial diversity is somewhat to be expected.


        However, their ‘representation’ happens to be both more relevant to the genre they write in, more sympathetic, better written, and more humane. They write people, not cardboard cutout political statements.


        Pretty much every significant fictional character that in any way improved my view of sexual minorities was created by the Japanese, and they did it via humanization and tonal consistency, not glorification or flanderization.


        Political Correctness is like a poison that eventually seeps into everything and anything.


        Political Correctness is America’s newest form of Intolerance. And it’s especially pernicious because it comes disguised as Tolerance.” -George Carlin.

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          “Political Correctness is tyranny with manners” — Charlton Heston

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