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    Kevin Smith Tells Off Toxic He-Man Fans: Think Netflix Series Is Too Woke? ‘Deal with It’. This statement will probably cost Netflix a few more subscribers. This Trainwreck is definitely a thing to behold 🤣.


      I think at some point Smith was an actual rebel. The original “Clerks” is evidence of that. But what often happens with folks like him is once they get wealthy, they will do whatever they are told to stay that way. They choose money over morals almost every time.


      he’s an idiot. but at least he told it straight that netflix doesnt care about their audience.


        Yes I think he totally slipped on that one and if anything was going to get him in hot water with Netflix it was telling everyone that. When companies get really big and successful and the cash is basically being grown on trees, the company tends to become VERY arrogant. I see Netflix has hit that milestone.


        He reminds me of Fauci. Clearly in the wrong, but acts tough and hard and points fingers and blames the little people who do not run the machinery of this country. As Big Tech censors people for simple talking and questioning the world, it becomes clearer and clearer with every passing ban that there never was a rebel coming from the media or Hollywood. All of them were constructs. In fact, they say a good number of influencers and younger politicians were recruited and groomed by agencies to play all these societal roles. The people we see. I do tend to follow personalities since I was raised on too much TV. As far as Kevin Smith or Tarantino or any others being rebels, the question is rebels against what? No rebel gets media promotion and media contracts and movie deals.



          Those are very valid points. But I will point this out. Often times a monolith like a Hollywood or giant companies will see a person/company they cannot beat. So what they do is either buy them or hire them to bring them into the servitude of that monolith.

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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