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    For those unfamiliar with King Dolphin TV, he is a long term MOD on the Friday Night Frolics, which alot of people go to after Friday Night Tights.

    In his own words:

    Welcome to King Dolphin TV. When I was starting talking about my books on Youtube, I found that for those without a channel or someone to shout them out, it was hard to get interviewed. There are others, like me, who are creators and want to talk about their work but don’t have support. What are we going to talk about here? Just about anything. It can be your creations: books, comics, artwork and designs, songs, and other interests. Anyone who creates out there but does not want to make a YouTube channel, join me here. And of course, we can talk about pop culture as well.

    This will be a virtual coffee shop for sample readings of books, short stories, poetry, perform songs, and show art. We can talk about anything but politics. Let’s make some waves! 🐬🐬

    The next episode is on Jan.05th at 6PM (eastern)



    King Dolphin Visits the Laboratory of Andy Masterson’s…. Laboratory of Mayhem.

    Today at 4PM (EST).


    It’s Clobberin’ Time!!!

    Let make some WAVES!


    King Dolphin has Antiderivative Jill return, to continue talk about DSN (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)


    JUST CUZ PANEL MAYHEM. (5PM eastern)

    Come join King Dolphin TV with guests Wendy Webb, Baron Ormon Tagge, Fett4Hire and Fez4hire (John Rendle)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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